A gambling story tells you that patience is more important than anything, whether you want to believe it or not

“When you are 23 years old, I will give you the financial power of the company,” Harry, the American ship king, once said to his son, Harry, Jr Who would have thought that on his 23rd birthday, old Harry took his son to the casino. Old Harry gave little Harry 2000 dollars to familiarize him with the tricks on the table and tell him not to lose all his money.

Little Harry nodded repeatedly, but old Harry was still uneasy. He repeatedly told his son that he must have 500 dollars left. Little Harry clapped his chest and promised. However, the young Harry soon got a red eye and forgot all about his father’s words. He lost no more! Out of the casino, little Harry was very depressed, saying that he thought the last two would earn back, when his hand was starting to improve, but he lost even worse.


Old Harry said: you still need to go into the casino, but I can’t give you the capital to earn it by yourself. Xiaoha took a month to work and earned 700 dollars. When he walked into the casino again, he made rules for himself: he could only lose half of the money, and when he was only half, he would leave the table.

However, little Harry failed again.

When he lost half of his money, he was as immovable as a nail. He failed to stick to his principles and once again put all the money on the table, but he lost out. Old Harry watched and said nothing. Out of the casino, little Harry said to his father: he never wanted to enter the casino, because his character will only let him lose the last penny, he is doomed to be a loser.

But old Harry didn’t think so. He insisted that little Harry enter the casino again. Old Harry said: Casino is the most intense, ruthless and cruel place in the world. Life is just like casino. How can you not continue?

Little Harry had to go back to short work.

It’s half a year since he entered the casino for the third time. This time, his luck was still bad and he lost another game. But he learned from the past, calmed down a lot, calmed down a lot, when the money lost to half, he resolutely walked out of the casino. Although he still lost half, but in my heart, he has a feeling of winning, because this time he defeated himself!

Old Harry saw his son’s joy and said to him, “who do you think you went into the casino to win? You want to win yourself first! Control yourself, and you will be the real winner in the world. “

From then on, every time Harry walked into the casino, he set a line for himself. When he lost 10%, he would definitely quit the table. Later, Harry, who was familiar with the casino, began to win: he not only saved his capital, but also won hundreds of dollars! At this point, his father, standing by, warned him that he should leave the table now.

But for the first time, when the wind and the water were so smooth, how could little Harry be willing to go? He really won some more money when he came down. He was about to double his money – a scene he had never seen before. Little Harry was very excited! Who knows, just at this time the situation is turning sharply, a few opponents greatly increased the bet, only two, little Harry lost again Harry, who had fallen from heaven to hell in a flash, was in a cold sweat, which reminded him of his father’s advice.

If he had listened to his father and left then, he would have been a winner. Unfortunately, he missed the chance to win and lost again.

A year later, when old Harry went to the casino again, little Harry seemed to have become a decent veteran, with the win and loss controlled within 10%. No matter lose to 10%, or win to 10%, he will resolutely leave, even in the most favorable time he will not entangle! Old Harry is thrilled – because he knows that in this world, the one who can quit when he wins is the real winner.

Old Harry resolutely decided to give the financial power of the company of ten billion yuan to little Harry. Hearing the sudden appointment, little Harry was surprised: “I don’t understand the company’s business yet!” Old Harry said with a relaxed face: “business is just a small thing. How many people in the world fail, not because they don’t understand business, but because they can’t control their emotions and desires! “

Old Harry is very clear: to be able to control emotions and desires often means to control the initiative of success.

The secret of ship King Harry’s training: the one who can quit when winning is the real winner.


Nine core methods of professional operators

Rule 1: study and judge the general trend before buying stocks

1. Whether the market is in the early stage of the rising cycle – yes – stock selection and purchase Rule 1: study and judge the general trend before buying stocks

2. Macroeconomic policies and public opinion guidance are beneficial to that sector, which are the representative stocks in this sector, and whether the trading volume is significantly larger than other sectors. Identify 5-10 target stocks.

3. Collect all the information of the target stocks, including the company’s region, circulation, operation trend, annual report, medium report, announcement of the general meeting of shareholders (board of directors), market review and other relevant reports. Remove the varieties with too large circulation plate, sluggish stock nature or major problems in operation and no hope of restructuring for the time being.

Rule 2: the law of land quantity in the middle line

1. Choose (10, 20, 30) Ma to be a stable upward stock in six months, during which the overall market decline is resistant to decline, generally only a short-term drop below 30 ma.

2. Obv is steadily rising to a new high.

3. When the market bottoms, the amount of land appears, taking the turnover of 100000 shares per 30 million circulation days as the standard.

4. Bargain hunting and batch intervention 10 minutes before the closing of the day when the land volume appears.

5. Take 5% – 10% as profit out point in short term.

6. 50% of the central line is the delivery point.

7. Take 10mA as the stop loss point.

Rule 3: short-term laws of sky

1. Select the stocks with a daily turnover of more than 5% – 10% at the bottom in recent days, and follow up the observation.

2. (5, 10, 20) MA has multiple permutations.

3. After 60 minutes of MACD high death * reduction callback, 15 minutes of obv steady rise, the stock price stable above 20mA.

4. In the second hour of 60 minutes MACD’s gold recovery, bargain hunting and entering in batches.

5. More than 5% of short-term profits are distributed in case of emergency.

6. In case of a sudden change in the market, we will be out of the game to protect the principal and facilitate further battles.

Rule 4: the rule of strong new shares

1. Select new stocks with good fundamentals, growth and circulation of less than 60 million shares for observation.

2. Change hands more than 70% on the first day of listing. Or the market plummeted on the same day, and the decline slowed down on the next day, and immediately recovered more than two-thirds of the first day’s Yin line from the larger Yang line.

3. Buy at a new high or choose the rule of heaven to buy in.

4. Profit 5% – 10% out.

5. Stop loss is set as the guaranteed price.

Rule 5: Volume rule

1. Trading volume helps to determine when the trend will reverse: the high volume Long Yin line is the sign of the top, while the extremely atrophic trading volume indicates that the selling pressure has disappeared, often the signal of the bottom. Formula: price stability and quantity reduction are the bottom.

2. The trading volume of individual stocks continues to exceed 5%, which is an obvious sign that the main force is active. Short term trading volume is large, the stock price has good flexibility, and short-term trading opportunities can be sought.

3. The large-scale rise of individual stocks after the consolidation of horizontal trading is a sign of the high concentration of main chips and the increase of control. At this time, the transaction is extremely rare, which is a good opportunity for mid line buying.

4. In case of sudden high and huge Long Yin line, if the situation is unclear, it is necessary to get out of the game immediately, in case of collapse caused by major bad air. For example, in 0508 Qiong Minyuan, the trading volume fell one day before the suspension, and was suspended the next day for three years.

Rule 6: don’t buy stocks in the down channel

1. It is dangerous to guess the bottom of the down channel stock, because it may not have the bottom at all.

2. It is reasonable to exist. A falling stock must have a reason to fall. Don’t touch it, although many people may think it is too cheap.

Rule 7: dare to buy new high stocks

1. 95% of people are afraid to buy new high stocks, which is the reason why they can’t catch the big black horse. Leading stocks are the first ones to create new highs.

2. When a stock reaches a new high, it must have great significance – something must have changed in the stock, no matter how many people claim that the fundamentals have not changed, and there is no reason to rise to such a high. This kind of story happens almost every day, and people still can’t overcome their fear.

Rule 8: stop losing

1. First of all, we should understand that no one has not lost money and no sleep is a hundred times success, because there are too many uncertain factors in the market.

2. In case of a different situation than expected, it is better to miss an opportunity and stop losing decisively, keep the freedom of funds and wait patiently for the next trading opportunity.

3. No stop loss or stock purchase.

Rule 9: buy in batches and buy out once

1. After the target stock is determined and combined with the Pankou trend, exploratory buying will be carried out. After the trend is established, it will be gradually increased. It is not allowed to buy in full position at one time to avoid too much loss due to incomplete analysis.

2. Once reaching the target position, it will be closed at one time. Do not delay the next trading opportunity.

The environment is so sinister. As a retail investor, how can we reap our own interests in a share? Next, Zhang Ming introduces a very practical indicator – CCI indicator.

The CCI index is called the homeopathy index, which is exactly the so-called homeopathy index, which means that “those who follow us will prosper, those who oppose us will perish”

The trend indicator, created by US Equity Analyst Donald Lambert, measures whether the stock price has exceeded its normal distribution. It belongs to a special kind of overbought and oversold index, which fluctuates between positive infinity and negative infinity. However, it is not necessary to take 0 as the central axis, which is also different from the index fluctuating in positive and negative infinity.


Definition of CCI indicators

The trend index, referred to as CCI index, is a kind of overbought and oversold index to measure whether the stock price exceeds the normal distribution range. CCI index fluctuates from positive infinity to negative infinity, so there will be no index passivation phenomenon, which is conducive to investors’ better judgment of the market, especially those abnormal market which rises and falls sharply in the short term.


The principle of CCI index CCI index is a kind of overbought and oversold index. The so-called overbought and oversold index, as the name suggests, “overbought” means that the capacity of the buyer has been exceeded, and the number of people who buy shares has exceeded a certain proportion. Then, the stock should be sold in reverse. In this way, investors can better study and judge the market, especially those abnormal market which is soaring and plummeting in the short term.


Technical index setting

Among the commonly used technical analysis indexes, CCI has a relative reference area of + 100 and – 100. In other words, as shown below:


The “antenna” of CCI is + 100, and the “ground wire” is – 100. According to the common idea of index analysis, the operation range of CCI index is also divided into three categories: over 100 is overbought area, under 100 is oversold area, and between + 100 and – 100 is concussion area.

1. When CCI breaks through the + 100 antenna from the normal area of + 100 to – 100 from the bottom to the top, it is the time for short-term speculators to scramble in, and it is also the method of limit plate scramble.


2. When CCI falls from the + 100 antenna to the antenna from the top to the bottom, it is the time to accelerate escape. The short-term operator should exit the warehouse.


3. When CCI falls from the normal area of + 100 to – 100 and the ground line of – 100 from the top to the bottom, it is the time to sell again.


4. When CCI breaks through the – 100 ground line from the bottom to the top, it is a short position. Investors should buy back shares as soon as possible.


Key points of operation:

1. The meaning of CCI overbought signal is different from KDJ overbought signal. In the KDJ index, overbought represents the strength of many parties to the extreme, with the risk of rising and falling. However, the overbought signal of CCI indicates that the market enthusiasm has been fully mobilized and new multi-party funds have been continuously mobilized.

2. When the CCI index breaks through + 100, if there is a large volume matching, the buying signal will be more reliable.

3. If CCI breaks through + 100 and does not sort out, but continues to rise, it shows that many forces are very strong. In this case, the bullish signal of this form will be stronger.

8 Secrets of CCI index

Secret one

When CCI goes through the antenna under the ground, it will go back up to break through the antenna, and constantly fluctuate around the ground, which shows that the stock price has become stronger slightly, and there will be a large space in the future market, looking for opportunities to intervene at the right price time. On the contrary, when CCI goes through the ground wire and breaks through the ground wire, it will continue to operate around the ground wire fluctuation, saying that the price will turn into a weak market, and then the market will have a larger falling space and enter a short market.

Secret two

When the CCI is put on the antenna, if it can’t continue to rise, it’s just a chance to see the top of the short line. When the price is fluctuating in the box, if there is no other choice, it can be made short. At this time, it is very practical to use CCI to grasp the high point.

Secret three

In the volatile market range, when breaking through the ground line from top to bottom, it was originally a “short covering” action, we can’t prevent it as a short-term buying signal.

Secret four

When CCI runs between the antenna and the ground wire for a period of time (the longer the better), the price rises slightly. Shortly after CCI breaks through the antenna upward, it reverses once again and breaks the antenna downward. It does not continue to go downward. It is the market of most heads when CCI is reorganized near the antenna and then breaks through the antenna upward again. On the contrary, it is a big short market.

Secret five

CCI index runs near the ground wire for a period of time (the longer the better). One day, CCI Spring Bud type breaks through the antenna, and then quickly falls back, but does not break the antenna: (or makes a zigzag trend near the antenna) then turns around and heads up strongly, which is the symbol of most market prices, and can actively enter multiple tickets, on the contrary, it is a short ticket, empty ticket.

Secret six

After the CCI index goes up through the antenna, it rises intermittently, and the price has increased to a certain extent, but the strong ones are strong, and the increase behind is also quite amazing, on the contrary, it is a big short, and the short ticket enters.

Secret seven

Looking for deviation signals and using CCI are more sensitive than using RSI and wr. Sometimes there is synchronization, but the lag is very rare.

Secret eight

When CCI goes through the ground wire and then goes through the ground wire, the ground wire will vibrate between the central axis and continue to go through the ground wire. As shown in the figure, this situation is called CCI double bottom structure, which indicates a sharp rise in the market, on the contrary, a sharp fall in the market.

How to judge whether the stock is highly controlled?

It is generally believed that the stock is the stock that is deliberately controlled by the dealer. The dealer grasps most of the active circulation of a stock through a large number of absorption, and then selects the opportunity to pull up the stock price, attract other funds to catch up with the high price, so as to achieve the purpose of high-level shipment.

It is the most skillful skill of a banker to find a concept, make up a theme, make a rumor, make a trick and play concealment. Due to professional reasons, some famous private equity and hot money also have more contacts. Today, take this opportunity to share with you how to judge whether a stock is controlled by a dealer as an ordinary retail investor.

[characteristics of highly controlled stock of the banker]

1. The daily turnover is very low within 1%.

Due to the high proportion of chips held by one or many makers, the turnover rate of each stock is very small, and the turnover rate of a single day is generally less than 1%. Pankou is characterized by a lack of transactions, sometimes there is not a transaction in a few minutes or even 20 minutes.

2. Only about 1% of the turnover rate can receive the single day male line.

Because the chips are in the hands of the makers, there is little selling and little pressure. Only a few transactions can pull up the price. Even if it has become a big positive line, it seems that there are a lot of profit making opportunities, but there are still few selling opportunities. One of the typical patterns is the one of the word board trading.

3. The short-term trend has nothing to do with the market.

The daily trend of non high control stocks is closely related to the overall market, which is generally manifested as a big drop in the overall market and a big drop in individual stocks. The market rose sharply, and so did individual stocks. The trend of high control stocks is basically not affected by the market, often when the market falls, it does not fall, and may even rise. When the market goes up, it doesn’t go up or may even go down. The reason is that the main position is too heavy, there is little floating fund outside, the trend has been easily controlled by the organization, and it is hard to suffer the impact of the external environment.

How to judge whether the stock is highly controlled

1. Depending on the number of shareholders.

In general, the number of shareholders of individual stocks with high control panel must be less than 10000, or even less than 5000. In a listed company, the number of shareholders is less than 5000, of course, it belongs to high control panel. For individual shares, you can enter F10 in the stock software, enter the shareholder research column, and view the number of shareholders.


2. The trend of individual stocks is relatively independent

For most stocks, the trend of the stock price is not only affected by the basic aspects of the listed company itself, but also by the overall trend of the market. Most stocks are falling in the market, and it also falls. However, for the main highly controlled stocks, it is often because the chips are concentrated in the hands of the makers. When the market falls, the makers tend to appear a tray phenomenon in order to control the cost, so that it will still rise or cross the market. For example, the former Huafeng shares, LUONIUSHAN and other short-term strong stocks.


3. Put a small amount to pull out Changyang or block the trading limit

When the stock price of a stock can pull out Changyang or even block the price limit under a very low trading volume, the big probability is that the main force has been highly controlled.


4. The trend of K-line fluctuates, while the trend chart of time sharing fluctuates violently and the trading volume shrinks extremely

This generally occurs in the washing stage after the main suction. At this time, the main force has collected enough chips at a low level. However, the stock price rise caused by the process of collecting chips will lead to some floating chips in the market. At this time, the main force needs to wash the dishes before pulling up. If the stock price fluctuates from high to low, but it does not fall below the support or break through the upper pressure, it can be concluded that the dealer has reached a high degree of control.


5. In the event of a negative strike, the share price will rise instead of falling, or although there is a small and unlimited callback on the same day, it will close out the next day, and the share price will quickly return to the original level

The main force was unprepared when the sudden air attack came. The retail chips could be thrown away and run, while the main force could only carry them. We can see that the bad air hit the market on that day. After opening, there were many selling and more accepting. Shortly after that, the selling price decreased and the stock price stabilized. Because of the fear of retail investors picking up cheap chips, the next day’s share price was pulled to its original position early by the main force.


It’s hard for retail investors to earn money in high control stocks. In general, we find that when this stock is a high control stock, it must be the main force when the stock has completed the position building, and the stock price is completely controlled. At this time, retail investors will generally suffer from torture or even big losses when they buy.

1. Stocks with high control are not suitable for retail investors to do short-term business.

2. Stocks with high control do not mean that they can rise rapidly.

3. The stocks with high control often plummet.

Every retail investor is a vulnerable group in the market. Whether you want to buy highly controlled stocks or avoid highly controlled stocks, only by understanding the characteristics of the makers, being familiar with the high controlled stocks, and distinguishing the high controlled stocks, can you be more neutral in the stock market and be able to do well in dancing with the makers.

[pay attention to the risk of stock market]

1. After a huge increase in the previous period.

If the stock market continues to rise, after a huge increase, there will be a large fluctuation at the beginning of the high position. In the early acceleration stage, the rise may be relatively stable. After the acceleration, there will be a rapid drop in the intraday market, and then a rise. Generally, when the rapid drop occurs, the stock will be shipped, but there is no acceptance plate, so the stock can only be pulled up by itself, so the time-sharing is a repeated shock.

2. Pay attention to the trend of medium and short-term average and the shape of guillotine.

The appearance of this form is generally late, because the form has gone bad, and it has reached the stage of shipment, so the general guillotine is a continuous one word board stop. It’s not that the main force doesn’t want to sell at a good price, but due to the lack of liquidity, only from the way of stop and drop to ship. Moreover, by means of plummeting, it can numb the retail investors who hold shares, reduce selling pressure and sell more chips.



There are risks in the stock market. Although I see a lot of them, I seldom do it, because once I lose money, it will be a loss… I will tell you the identification method, not to do it, but to learn to judge.

9 mind maps of stock market analysis, recommended collection

Now I’d like to share with you the general outline of stock market map, K-line, basis of average line, tangent line, index analysis, stock selection method, plate rotation and all kinds of stock market scams. I hope that I can give you a big stock knowledge sorting, and I hope that you can find the methods that are suitable for you and want to learn from it, so as to help you build a clear and effective trading system.

1. General outline of stock market map


2. K line foundation


3. Average line foundation


4. Tangent Foundation


5. Index analysis


6. Statistical analysis


7. Stock selection method


8. Plate rotation


9. All kinds of scams in the stock market


(Note: the above pictures are compressed. If you can’t see clearly, you can find the HD large picture and specific operation method)

How to break through the bottleneck of transaction

No matter how long you have done business in the past, how much money you have lost, how many ways you have learned, as long as you are still losing money today, please remember that only thorough can you succeed, otherwise you will never walk out of the strange circle of failure. Of course, it’s not easy to do it completely, but if there is no further breakthrough and a clearer understanding in thinking, success will never be reached. What do you mean by thoroughness here? It is to completely put an end to all the actions of building and closing positions that do not conform to its own trading system, do not hold any fluke and fantasy, and completely implement the trading system. Unfortunately, the vast majority of losers are blocked here and can’t take another step forward. Even with the best trading system, the best mentality and the best wisdom, all of them can’t work in front of the temptation of interests.

Many people are doomed to lose the chance of success in trading. No matter how much you pay or how long you stick to it, you will not see a successful day. Because there are two words you can’t do, that’s thoroughness What is thoroughness? Simply speaking, only make the money that should be earned, and never give up the money that shouldn’t be earned. The problem is that we deal with the possibility of becoming rich. As long as it’s money, we want to make money, as long as it’s opportunity, we want to seize it. Let’s watch a wave of market go by and be indifferent. Let’s see the white money in front of us. Can you really hold it? Many people fall here, not without regulations, but regulations are often vulnerable to temptation. In the face of the market, your fluke, impulse and fantasy often dominate you. As for whether you should make money or not, you don’t want to miss the opportunity in front of you to set up a position immediately. In this way, you will feel secure, or you will suffer a lot. If you still can’t completely let go of those opportunities that don’t belong to your trading system, or use luck to find success, then you will never find success. The only way for you to succeed is to give up, obey and execute completely The thorough implementation of rules is a cruel and cold thing. Most people who can regard the cutting of positions as a pleasure have lost their impetuous atmosphere. They will not be surprised by honor or disgrace. They will go or stay as they wish. As long as they have this quality, no matter how bad the rules are, they will eventually turn into money grabbing weapons.

In order to avoid risks, clarify the rules of transactions and give up as much as possible, this market is not short of money. On the premise of controllable risks, even if your yield is very low, the power of time will make you get considerable returns. On the contrary, even if the short-term profits are not well controlled, it is just a castle in the air. Without reliable executive power, the operation will be deformed, unable to control itself, and unable to summarize and explore the rules of the transaction. How about copying the bottom and touching the top once? Copying the bottom and touching the top can only speed up your death time Here’s a quote from a trading sage. I’d like to share with myself: in terms of a single transaction and a part, the right method may not have the best results, and the wrong method may have occasional victories or even glories. But in the long run and in the whole, success must come from adhering to the right customary method and constantly improving character cultivation.

If you want to learn more skills, the author’s WeChat public number: Xu Taiwen (xtw6862), to explore the exchange of stock technology, hot money tactics, so that your stock operation better!


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