A hot spring town full of revelry

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Entering the urban area of Jiaoxi Township, you can see the words “hot spring” and “paotang”, and there are “hot spring club” and “hot spring hotel” everywhere 全民狂欢的温泉小镇
What benefits the whole people is that they can run in the open air in tangweigou park for free at night. During the day, the cleaner disinfects and cleans, and at night, it is very busy 全民狂欢的温泉小镇
the night of Jiaoxi is the world of hot springs. The whole sky is filled with sulfur vapor, which is similar to Chengdu’s being covered by the smell of hot pot A603全民狂欢的温泉小镇
chose the Guanxiang century hot spring club with the highest cost performance. If you don’t book early, I’m afraid you won’t be able to. Because of its reputation, Guanxiang has become a popular tourist attraction. In addition to its private soup, there are 38 kinds of spa facilities in the public area, and even swimming. In children’s eyes, it’s like a water park A 6033 a 6033 a 60207 a 6033 guest rooms are abundant and frugal. If you want to enjoy it, this suite is suitable for a family of three. In addition to a large double bed, there is a Japanese “rest area” A 6033 a 6033 a 60208 a 6033 super large space, smooth wood floor, bright floor to floor windows, spacious bathroom and stone private soup connected with the bathroom, hot spring water directly flows into the pool
A603全民狂欢的温泉小镇 the most praiseworthy is the restaurant on the ground floor. There are many strange fish on display at the big dinner – bonito, tuna, mackerel, etc 全民狂欢的温泉小镇
a skilled chef designs each platter as a handicraft. From Yilan Sanbao’s “duck appreciation” to various new seafood products.
A table of “handicrafts” with all colors and flavors makes people refuse to use chopsticks. Guanxiang century hot spring club has not only warm hot springs, but also mellow and delicious taste.
A 6033 a 60212 a 6033 hot spring town, where the whole people participate in the carnival, calms down the next morning. Because the whole people have the right to enjoy the local resources, the hot spring town is worthy of the name
behind the famous hot spring, Jiaoxi also has other famous specialties, such as hot spring tomato. For customers who like to be choosy, they must be merciful
Jiaoxi is about 20 miles from Yilan. This is a very artistic small railway station, more like a children’s playground. Compared with the luxury station, Yilan station is very friendly
Yilan has a building block Museum, which is also the first one in Asia. There are more than 500 building block works in various countries, ranging from Mona Lisa to panda
Jiaoxi, a hot spring town, can go down to Yilan in the South and go up to urban and rural areas in the north. There is a unique and novel “Lanyang Museum” in Toucheng and Xiangtan. You can’t miss it when you come to Yilan
A 6033 a 60217 a 6033 in the Lanyang Plain, this striking masterpiece shows the local customs in the northeast of Taiwan — the blending of farming culture and marine culture.
granny whiskey distillery is an open-ended distillery. An endless stream of tourists come to visit the brewing process and can taste a little whiskey a603a603全民狂欢的温泉小镇
. You can’t miss a beef noodle shop in Toucheng. The shop is not famous, but it is not small. It is second to none in Yilan, but it is also hard to find a bowl. Limited supply per day
For the real first-class beef, the boss personally sells the cloth of beef noodles every night, without any ambiguity. He said that customers should eat as they like A 6033 a 60221 a 6033 do not extend the opening time, do not engage in chain stores, do not take advantage of the opportunity to sell, the boss said, I have limited energy and can only take care of so many guests every day, and if there are more, the quality will be difficult to guarantee
Longji beef noodle is the essence of “Taiwan flavor service”. Mr. Shen Fangzheng, executive director of Grand Hotel Group, summed up the four words “Taiwan flavor service” a603全民狂欢的温泉小镇 Christmas, new year’s day and Spring Festival with 30 years of experience. These holidays are the best tourist seasons in Taiwan. It’s warm like spring and sunny, so Yilan is very busy!


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