A picturesque Songyi Manor

A 60201 a 6033 new edition. Travel to Taiwan 1.0 (3) a 60202 Hualien, Ruisui township. At the foot of the deep blue central mountain range, there is a rolling and wide golf course like grassland, where Songyi manor is far away from the noise. &There are two sentences of “Songyi embraces Yunlan, and Shanjun encircles Linwei”. Five of them take one word or homophony from each of the five names of the family’s parents, siblings and brothers.


A603如诗如画的松邑庄园 Songyi manor is the crystallization of the two brothers of Wu family. The professional brother of architecture is the chief designer of the internal and external architecture of the manor.

如诗如画的松邑庄园 and his younger brother, who has been studying abroad for many years and has the qualification of a wine taster, is expected to take on the responsibility of operating this picturesque top hot spring holiday home stay.


A 60208 three story building with 9 guest rooms is like a boat floating on the blue ocean on the green grassland.


A 60209 a 6033 a 6033 a 60210 a 6033 Songyi manor is surrounded by the purple and red lotuses in full bloom and the light waving awn grass like goose feather.


如诗如画的松邑庄园 in the morning or at night, soak in the hot spring pool, breathe the fresh air that Beijing does not have, overlook the central mountains and enjoy the green grass in front of you.

如诗如画的松邑庄园 Songyi manor, which is famous outside, often attracts some national TV stations and troupes to shoot and report, and becomes the most beautiful resort in tourists’ mind 如诗如画的松邑庄园 after the hot spring, you can enjoy the exquisite French dinner. For those young people in the East who pursue western style, French dinner is worth showing off.

如诗如画的松邑庄园 background music is a soft European classic. Take a sip of the original French wine, which is a highly organic combination of fine food and elegant life of art and culture

A 60216 a 6033 a 60217 a 6033 a 60218 a journey to the secret land of the paradise, conveys the latest luxury tourism, romantic warmth and other interesting, poetic life information 如诗如画的松邑庄园 in winter, Songyi manor is quiet with the breeze. But in summer, there will be frogs and cicadas

is located in Ruisui, under the Tropic of cancer tower, which is the boundary between the subtropical zone and the tropical zone. Around Songyi manor, there are many rare tropical plants such as fruits and flowers.  


如诗如画的松邑庄园 a603 seems to be idyllic and serene, but in fact, every bit of it embodies the wisdom, sweat and hard work of all members of the Wu family. Because it was a wasteland.


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