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100+ lovely emoticons vector icon material (including AI and sketch)

Use the weekend leisure time, Jun school for everyone to collect a set of very nice Emoji emoticon icon vector material, including SVG images, AI source files and sketch source file. It is convenient for you to download and copy the drawing methods of these vector icons.

This 100+ lovely emoticons vector icon material is also the best source of material for the app design. Let your APP icon design or APP expression design different tastes.


As shown in the following figure:

Free-100-Cute-Emoji-Vector-Icons-Collection-1 Free-100-Cute-Emoji-Vector-Icons-Collection-2


File Type:Ai, SVG, Sketch

Mock-up File Format:WinRar

Mock-up File Extract only with:WinRar

Designed By:Webalys

Mock-up File Size:3.09 Mb


Baidu SkyDrive download address: password: 38c6

Color matching APP Logo Icon Design works, worth copying reference

You can’t resist the desire to send a car when you see the super – burning APP UI design. Share these excellent APP Logo icons design works.

These APP logo icons are designed from a design studio in the UK. Color collocation is very awesome.

Look at the big picture directly.

Design of APP-logo icon for collocation and collocation


The following is a big picture of each IOS APP icon.

1_1x 7_1x 9_1x 10_1x 12_1x 15_1x 18_1x 19_1x 20_1x 21_1x


After looking at these delicate color APP logo icons, do you have a sense of UI design blockbuster? If so, those works will certainly move you and let you love them.

Finally, the 25 school enlisted the chasing network address of these color overfired APP logo icons:

A free mobile phone theme icon UI design video course (a total of 39 classes)

The last part of the school shared five sets of cute animal mobile phone theme interface designs. After reading, a lot of small partners want to learn. But I don’t know how to do icons UI design.

Luckily, School President found the UI design course of UI intermediate course produced by Chinese famous UI design organization. It is also the most complete UI theme video design. It also belongs to the high-end education brand of the black horse programmer.

It is very worthwhile for UI to design little white to copy the lessons. And it’s free.

The recommended index: you can feel you can feel it


The 25 school Xiaobian will help you select several good video sharing. Here we show you that the teacher is pretty good. You can click to see a full set of mobile phone theme icon UI, design video tutorials. There are 39 classes in all.

This is the sixth day course – APP icon drawing software PS

Video course of mobile phone theme design


The twelfth class, drawing the weather icon icon cloud AI software

Video course of mobile phone theme design AI



The above free mobile phone theme icon UI design video tutorials (a total of 39 lessons), you may not necessarily have to read every lesson, you can choose to watch the video of UI design you want to learn.

Full set of Iqiyi video address:



Mobile phone theme design learning: five sets of lovely animal creative image design

Children who want to learn the theme of the mobile phone must watch and absorb some excellent mobile phone theme designs every day.

For example, the 25 schools shared the following:

1, vivo mobile theme interface of the competition work study: graphics and structure

2, 2 sets of Chinese wind theme icon design case appreciation, Very Beautiful

3, mobile UI theme interface icon design appreciation, the beauty of the


Today, we continue to share some beautiful and lovely mobile phone theme interface works for the creative image design category.


First group: cute wizard interface mobile phone theme design

Design appreciation of mobile phone theme interface


The second group: cute bear mobile phone theme design

Cute bear mobile phone theme design 2



The third group: the design of the theme icon for the cute cat’s creative cell phone

Design creative icon design for cute cats



Fourth groups: the theme design of the cute owl creative cell phone

The design of the owl creative theme Icon


Fifth groups: the theme design of the cute little white rabbit creative cell phone

Design of a cute mobile phone theme interface for small white rabbits


Finally, the school know you to share some views to share Xiaoliang leaves.

1) can start from the copy, after a certain amount, the understanding will be deeper, and everything starts from the hands-on.

2) first, no flat or flat, light or realistic. Think more about the whole. Practice or compete, try to complete the whole work, try not to do only half of it, exercise (force) to think about the logic of design.

3) after the performance skill and the execution ability, it is the idea. See and think more, whether it is illustrations, 3D, software production, the current industry is active design style. Take your own way… This is another story.

4) do not hold on to the theme of the mobile phone, and do not lose its direction because of the current domestic market. The design is the same, thinking more about the three major components, concept refining, creative integration, the design process of the norms, echoes, system has a correct grasp. Everything is going to come.


The set of strategy icons you might use and the set of music vector icons

We continue to share some of the high quality and free vector icon materials. Today, 25 schools share 2 sets of vector icons of different themes.

It’s all the icons that you can use in the daily design work.


The first ICON icon material: a policy icon set or a commercial icon set


These are 20 icons that can be used for commercial products.

Baidu SkyDrive download address:


Second ICON icon materials: a set of music vector icons


When you look at these icons, you know that the icon of the APP or the icon of H5 is very specific.

Music Icons free vector Baidu SkyDrive download address:

Music vector icon set download

100+ common APP linear icon material download (including Ai, Eps, Svg, Psd)

They found a more than 100 free linear icon material, and the icons icon with the source file, and love of the love icons buddy can be hiding.

More importantly, the 100+ linear icon icons material is the high frequency icon in our daily application to the APP design.


Look at all the icons:

100+ common linear icon -icons material download (including Ai, -Eps, -Svg, -Psd)

100+ common linear icon icons material download (including Ai, Eps, Svg, Psd)

Simple_line_icons_by_Mirko_Monti.zip2 MB

APP interactive design to do the first level bar APP case – MONO cat lane

25 schools in this good software should let more people know, whether it is a unique article push method and reading music articles, the details of the interface is very intimate. The ubiquitous details impressed me with the simplicity and beauty of the design.

MONO aims to provide cutting-edge and new cultural horizons for contemporary young people.


At the same time, the 25 school also believes that MONO is also the most cultural forced lattice of APP.

MONO cat’s official website:Http://


Today, after the experience of the old Tan students in the 25 school, it feels like a first-class bar! APP interactive design is really a bar APP case.


Here’s a review of the mobile APP interactive design gurus:

1., the visual sense of form is very strong, exquisite design, literature and art fresh, splashScreen amazing.

2. from the interaction, there is no major black spots, information architecture logic novel, smooth transition, interesting anti detention mechanism.

3., the lower right circular entrance user learning cost is slightly high, too obscure design easy to let users lose their sense of position, causing users to use logic confusion, a good solution is to add a left lower return Button.

4. refresh the logic need to be consistent, a APP at the same time up and down refresh the coexistence of logic, the user will feel puzzled.

5. on the details page, the return button is placed in the lower left corner of the page. It’s a very user-friendly setting.

6., when sharing the page, animation curve needs to be improved, the current animation appears stiff, MaterialDesign put forward a good solution to similar problems.

7. comparison of one from the content that one is relatively simple, but one content output is mainly PGC, Mono and PGC combined with UGC, compared with ONE and MONO content of dry cargo, more rich media.

8. from the perspective of product design for ONE and MONO are great APP, because of different segments of the population, ONE of the target population is more inclined to the literary youth, young artists ONE MONO tend; segments of the population into the relatively narrow MONO wide.

Mono APP


First, as a product person, I feel that mono’s interaction is great. You just need to slip and click all the time, and there’s a sense of resilience in the process of sliding, not too dry.

Second, mono has a large number of pictures, even when the picture can not be loaded, the priority display text, such as the first display of poetry, blurred pictures, so that the wait will not be too anxious.

Third, as a Wen Qing, I think his content may lack soul, for literature and art and literature, it seems empty, of course, the small poem is not bad.

If you guys are interested, you can focus on their micro-blog:

APP download address:

Highly praised navigation APP design appreciation – casually walk APP

Random walk APP is a navigation class APP developed by Shenzhen perception network based on LBS geolocation and environment image recognition technology.

Since last year, the APP unanimously praised by everyone, and the mobile APP entrepreneurial team with this APP access to Baidu, 360, pea pods and other applications of the market widely recommended and praise. At the same time, the company also won awards in 2014 in Shenzhen.

Random walk APP design

How good is APP?

Let’s look at the interface design of the APP! Go APP is a donkey or horse, pull out of a walk.

Navigation class APP design appreciation
Navigation class APP design appreciation

Intuitive navigation

Since flaunt their navigation is bright, so I was very happy to search the 011.Ken and grandpa as the test. In the tag to choose good (tags can edit) or direct search will appear near the target site, right upper is a small radar, can quickly locate, and then click on the need to go to the target, the lower part of the information and navigation small arrow.

Navigation class APP design appreciation
Navigation class APP design appreciation

And then click the navigation arrow, then casually walk will generate navigation line. The random navigation is different from the rest of the house, and the screenshot below can be very clear. Very intuitive, easy to understand, along it gives the virtual route to go right, when turning forward at a glance, the top also gives the text of the tips, is simply the gospel of the road crazy.

Navigation class APP design appreciation
Navigation class APP design appreciation

“ refusing to have a map always has a direction – “walk casually, make life instantly wonderful, what you see is what you get.”!

Because of it, can let those in travel, can not distinguish between the southeast and northwest of small partners found a good APP tool.

Because of this, the 25 school had to recommend it. I hope you can download the experience. 25 school Xiaobian personal feelings, APP overall interface design and interaction is good!

Go casually: APP’s official website:



Gao Yan pictures share social APP products: bite me APP

In 2016, the 25 school will launch a brand new sub column: APP product show

APP product show: refers to the discovery and discovery of new APP design works, or has excellent APP product operation mode of APP products exhibition.

Today to share this APP Product Name: APP bite me is 90, 00 after the gospel

Bite me, APP

Since the June 2015 release on the line, known as a “high Yan bite me” picture house value social APP rapidly in a short time to attract a large number of fresh meat, the attention of Indoorsman fag hag goddess.

The film high yen value picture as the core, designed to show the love fashion love farming meat goddess, this market segment Indoorsman fag hag home social software, is “bite me” given its location.

At the same time, the collection of high quality pictures, sharing content selection and other classic type of resources as the core, into the beauty of life, according to fusion filter characteristics, add stickers, recording functions of life as a whole, to create exclusive range of children’s literature world for love life show the trend of youth.

The line for several months now has reached 100 thousand users, including membership, grass, campus Belle models and actors, Indoorsman, fag hag and other groups, in addition to a large number of unknown user groups.


Bite my APP part of the APP interface screenshot is as follows:


Yaowoo Yaowoo2


I bite my APP bite is a film with high value of collection and color pictures and video content selection, as the core, set Slide Show, filters, stickers and other friends, as a whole, brings together the high value Yan male god goddess Mito, sharing funny than video sharing community records. Biting me is a literary and artistic communication medium that gathers all kinds of high value people. It is also a platform for all kinds of goddesses, fresh meat and handsome boys to display themselves.

Bite me APP official website:

APPstore screenshot beautification tool for Dummies: Brief Wrapper

Visually, if our APP screenshots in the Apple App store look pretty nice, the design is simple, very personalized, very useful, and contains the essential information you want, APP. It’s very attractive for a user to see such a screenshot of the desire to download the APP.

Today, 25 schools recommend a silly APPstore snapshot beautification tool for you:Brief Wrapper.


Brief Wrapper is a handy tool to provide screen snapshot beautification for Apple store application developers. Developers only need to choose their own snapshot of the screen, you can use the system template to generate a specific snapshot.

The size of the submission we include includes:

– 3.5 inches (640× 960)

– 4 inches (640× 1136)

– 4.7 inches (750× 1334)

– 5.5 inches (1242× 2208)

– iPhone 5S

6 – iPhone

6 – iPhone Plus

And different equipment includes Silver, Gold, Space Gray three different styles.

In addition, Brief Wrapper also provides a variety of feature templates for developers to choose, and are free of charge!

We have only one goal, to provide developers with the most convenient screen snapshot beautification services!

Want to try to understand the small partners: you can go to the Apple App Store download experience:

Https:// L=en& mt=8


In addition to recommend a long screenshot tool: iPhone APP interface cut length diagram artifact -Tailor

APP screenshot artifact

If you want screenshots on iPhone, you will generally use iPhone phone own screenshot function, but can only intercept the current screen. What if you want to capture an entire APP interface? So you need this artifact, -Tailor.