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Camera 360 download camera 360 (Camera360) Android version v9.0.0 app review and download

Camera 360 Camera360. This camera software is infinite in the intelligent machine. It has been praised by everyone since the beginning. It is always unacceptable for anyone to bring their own camera.

Functional introduction

The application of # nearly 400 million users worldwide selection of pictures

More than 5 stars from # million

# free camera effects, including skin self timer, shift, shift color, light camera, 10+ camera mode innovation, satisfy all your photography desire!

Software features

[1.] skin self timer

Fill: the original fill function, dark environment can also make self.

Skin: skin whitening, skin color, grinding, make the skin more smooth and delicate.

Plastic appearance: plastic, big eye, thin face change with heart

Beauty effects: 11 self effects, to create 11 different styles of you

2. [special effect camera]

Super 200 wonderful magic filter, skin, retro, HDR, LOMO, black and white, his film, let you instantly turned Master photography!

3. [professional photo editor]

Cutting, rotation, virtual and border editing functions provide more professional adjustment for people to expose, contrast, color temperature, clarity, hue, saturation and color.

4. [jigsaw puzzle]

More than 10 kinds of popular template mosaic and picture stitching, easy to make a good mood.

5. [cloud album]

Security private backup management of all photos, never lost, but also mobile phone, computer synchronous view.

Do you have any words to say? ]

In setting, you can easily find “dialogue small C” and communicate with me at zero distance.

Usage method

1, full automatic flash: the popular way is to shut down the flash automatically under the condition of sufficient light, and to flash automatically under the condition of insufficient light.

2, flash: in any situation will flash lit for light. But this time we only function in the backlight and backlight side use. Example: the subject is human, mainly because of the backlight when the face is not clear, need to fill flash to achieve facial details, so that viewers know who is shooting.

3, the compulsion does not flash: in any case the flash will not flicker. This function with the most of the time is in the case: the aquarium, or antique Museum and so on, (because the aquarium fish and antiques are using glass and special isolation, but also in the interior of the light of the circumstances, the camera flash can automatically lit up the light, it will leave a reflection great, the glass has a direct impact on the quality of the image and the details of the photo).

  How can the camera 360 take the license photo?

Open the camera 360 camera interface, you can see the most beautiful license plate in the lower right corner.

Camera 360 (Camera360)

Camera 360app Download

Camera 360 (Camera360)

You can also change the color of the clothes.

Camera 360app Download

Camera 360 (Camera360)

Update log

“New” new version of the page, highlight the core functions, so that the picture is more simple!

Snapseed Android version download Snapseed Android version appv2.18.0.167817062_pc6 cell phone to download app review and download

Download B612 Android version appv6.3.1_pc6 cell phone and download app review and download by B612 camera

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Face zombie app review and download

Face changing zombie ZombieBooth: the effect is very good, but at the beginning, it thought it was just a static picture file, but it was able to touch dynamic effect, which was very good.

Functional introduction

The ZombieBooth version is an application that requires a face photo that can be turned into a real 3D dynamic zombie.
Animation that becomes zombie can be saved, uploaded directly to Facebook or Youtube, and can also be shared by mail.
The saved still image can be uploaded directly to Twitter or Facebook, and can also be shared by mail.
And the iPad version of “3D Zombiefier HD”. The time limit for the iPad edition is 50%.
The ZombieBooth “technology uses the latest synthetic face technology software provided by MotionPortrait.

Update log

– small bug correction.

Transparent screen photo app review and download

transparent screen camera App is a mobile phone camera application, transparent screen camera App can provide a convenient camera for the user, allowing users to use the mobile phone side side of the camera, easy to delay, bring convenience to the user life.

Software features

The difference between this program and other products of the same kind is:

1. Support a front camera. A transparent front camera allows you to see the image behind you while you are concentrating on your mobile phone.

2. You can use a mobile phone while you take a photo. You can walk through this program and check the situation on the road.

3. Variable resolution adjustment.

4. You can hide pictures and hide pictures with pictures. It’s very fun.

5, do not need the root, also can provide the silent picture mode. You can take a high definition picture if you get rid of the picture after your own root.

6. Auto photo, has been lost, destroyed you click on any operation

7. There are more other small features, such as startup protection, vibration, and so on.

Character camera App review and download


character camera App is a photographic camera application, a special effect camera launched by a generation of talent Mdt InfoTech Ltd. The character camera App can turn the picture into a text matrix, making it more interesting and wonderful.

Functional introduction

Character camera is a camera with fantastic processing effect. It can turn all the pictures you have taken into text matrix and make the pictures become fantastic. You can choose the content of the text, the size of the text, the font, and so on. For example, it is more expressive for a face to be treated as a matrix of various character words.

Update log

Repair Bug

Optimization function

I sharp eye app review and download

I sharp eye app is designed for video surveillance applications. It can monitor and monitor real-time pictures at any time, support voice intercom function, and have abnormal situation alert service. It is a good helper for your video surveillance.

Functional introduction

Real-time monitoring, voice intercom, video playback, cloud platform control, alarm push and so on. Real-time monitoring: allow you to watch the monitoring area instantly and effectively, and emergency measures can be taken immediately. Video playback: at any time reading the monitoring area of the image of the past, the event can be read and inquiries, and can be used for public security and other evidence to look up. Cloud platform function: it can control the direction of the front camera, so that there is no dead angle in the monitor. Alarm push: when the alarm is produced, the owner responds to the alarm.

Nikon WMU app review and download

Nikon WMU Android mobile phone is a very spectacular picture processing software. Using Nikon WMU software official website can help you control the Nikon camera, download the photos in the camera to the phone, and Nikon WMU app can also perform picture processing, sharing and other functions.

Software introduction

The full name of Nikon WMU software should be Wireless Mobile Utility, which is Nikon’s photo sharing application. There are three functions of viewing, taking photos and sharing. Nikon WMU app is a photo sharing software that matches Nikon camera. In this application, users can view shared photos, and can also take pictures easily and upload them directly to social platforms.

Nikon WMU

Software features

1.Wireless Mobile Utility can establish two-way wireless connections between Nikon cameras and intelligent devices.

2. you can download the photos taken with the camera to the smart device, and you can also display the camera lens view on the smart device to remote control the camera.

3. by using the photo sharing feature, you can be an easy job to do to upload photos to social networking sites or send them an e-mail message to accession.

4. overview uses Wireless Mobile Utility (this application), does not need the wireless local area network router or the access point, can connect the intelligent equipment to the camera equipped with the built-in wireless or Nikon wireless mobile adapter accessories.

5., using this application, you can do the following operations: download high quality images from camera memory cards, share photos with Android sharing intent, and shoot photos remotely while displaying lens vision in smart devices.

Nikon WMU software official network download

Functional introduction

1. download new photos automatically.

2. use the self timer to take pictures.

3. control the optical zoom on the COOLPIX camera.

4. remote-control view the existing photos and download the selected photos.

5. use a camera to select a photo before connection to download.

6. look at the scene through the camera lens in the application window.

7. add the location data from the smart device to the photo during the upload process.

8. transfer photos to other applications easily to share through the OS “sharing” function.

9. set up a wireless connection and use a camera or remote control the photos from the iOS device /Android device.

10. set up a wireless connection and use a camera or remote control the photos from the iOS device /Android device.

11. if both the camera and the smart device support NFC, a light touch of the device and the camera can automatically start the application to achieve a easy connection.

Nikon WMU


1. Only one camera can be connected at a time.

2. The performance varies according to the difference between the network and the local conditions.

3, a screen with a resolution of at least 800 * 480 pixels (WVGA) is required.

4. The photos and animations of the dynamic snapshots are considered as separate files.

5, this application may not be able to identify photos taken by using unsupported cameras.

6, NFC is enabled before the NFC startup application on the smart device and before the camera is connected to the camera.

7. This application can not be used for remote control animation recording. It can be used to download animations from compatible cameras (except COOLPIX S6900 and S3700), but it can’t play animation.

8, this application may not be used normally when it is installed in a device that is not passed through the available validation.

9. Note: the available functions vary according to the difference in the camera. For detailed information, please refer to the camera manual or the following link.

Update log

– this application now supports Nikon 1 J5.

– this application now supports luminance regulation on Nikon 1 J5 through real-time image control.

– repair some known BUG.

Marvel Unlimited app review and download

Marvel Unlimited Marvel Unlimited: this application is not that comic book fans love, the most happy estimate should be the number of Manmi it, but a lot of comic is offline, some need to pay an annual fee to what would weigh yourself.

Functional introduction

Marvel Unlimited local application is developed by Marvel company, which has 70 years of comic history. It has a Marvel digital comic unlimited subscription service. Its members can enjoy up to 13000 full classic comics through mobile devices. The charge mode for this application can now be installed free of charge, but if you want to see a complete version, you will have to pay another. And this method of payment is paid or paid way.

Update log

INTRODucING our biggest app update yet! We' re bringing you a, bringing, re, bringing and you.
NEW! Native reading for digital Comics – crafted for Android
NEW! Smart Panel experience to enhance your comic on mobile devices
ALSO! Exciting new features to discover like Marvel AR, Adaptive Audio &