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One of the small icons of high force lattice: the modeling features of LOGO

As an excellent APP designer, it’s our routine to draw some small personalities. There are also some lazy app designers, which are used directly to draw good icons.

To break through the design capabilities of your own Ui, you must learn to draw some small icons of high force. The previous 25 schools shared several ways to draw small icons.

App-logo design routines 3

1, APP icon design tips: how to design the simplest combination of icons

2, common sense of APP icon design of mobile phone: style drawing of linear icons

3, self-taught APP icon design tutorial: skillfully use rotation to draw APP icons



Today, to share one of small icon method of drawing high force grid with all 25 schools: * 010

Remember to think before you start.

Before we design small icons, we can see more about the features of LOGO, round or straight, quiet or jumping. Are there any basic detail modeling points that can be extracted? Is there any color that can be used directly?

The following 25 schools, for example, illustrate how to extract the icon modeling elements that we want from the logo brand element.


The first styling feature that is implanted in LOGO: Google’s video Logo Icon


For example, a very typical Google play, when the triangle is extracted, all the icons are designed with a triangle as an extension.


Second modeling features implanted in LOGO: icon logo of NetEase cloud music


NetEase cloud music icon, is to grab logo on the round style features, and the LOGO as a small icon of a member, placed in the important position of the homepage.


Third modeling features for LOGO implantation: extraction of elements from Youku new icon logo


The icons of Youku not only use the color of the LOGO, but also take the style of the stack of the color on the LOGO to carry out an extension design.


Fourth modeling features for LOGO implantation: icon logo design of small loop APP


The small circle mainly grabbed the style characteristics of the icons. We can quickly draw a small icon that fits our app icon style.


Through the above 4 LOGO modeling characteristics cases, we should learn to learn to extract the features of LOGO’s modeling and ideas. Then you can see how you learn to use it.

Think more and practice more.


To see these delicate and colorful App Icons, is there a click on the impulse

Now the APP UI design is becoming more and more young, more and more content, and more and more beautiful! It should be said to be the most consistent trend and style of the present design.

Today, the little editor of the 25 school continues to share some nice and delicate APP icons with you. Let you have an impulse to click on the screen.





AppiconsBeautiful app icons

Seeing these delicate and colorful App Icons, we have to marvel at the designer’s deep UI design. We can also see the intention of the designer.

At the same time, it also brings a lot of copy cases.

If you have a short time, you can follow these beautiful App Icons copies by themselves, and also improve their UI design ability.

Of course, you are sure that the beautiful icon is the hand of the designer.

The master of the school will now share it with you:

Three mobile app logo design cases appreciate, teach you fast logo design

The beautiful APPlogo designs on mobile phones are from the mobile app designers. As long as you design a more successful app, your app icon will also be recognized by everyone. It’s also the quickest to prove your ability and show off the capital.

Today, 25 schools share with you three excellent mobile app logo design cases, understand the creative ideas of mature logo designers and logo prototype composition skills.



The first mobile APP logo design case: Oceans Icon


Oceans Icon Project


It looks very cool.


Second mobile app logo design cases: KAJA Logo project

Basic RGB


At the same time, the app icons, such as 1 times, 2 times, 3 times the size of the logo are given, and we have to provide the applogo scheme.



Third mobile app logo design cases: UpSurf Icon


Upsurf Logo

Special APP icon logo design work, we also provide a single letter design creative design inspiration.



In addition to 2 sets of logo design styles, such as different player and other icon design case appreciation:

Basic RGB PlayerLogo

The latest APP designer’s favorite 4PX or 6px APP icon drawing method

Recently, some of the more elegant 4PX rendering of personalized APP icon appreciation. More important APP designers have started Changsha using 4PX lines or 6px lines to draw different APP icon. At the same time, each APP linear icon is painted with bright colors, giving a new life element or mood.

When we see these beautiful and delicate APP icons, do you think it’s great and you want to design it.

1. Design of APP icons similar to MBE style

4PX APP Icon 6px Linear Icon

2. New APP icons are formed through bright colors combined with line shapes

Colourful APP Icon App icon design


3. Be good at designing APP icon with icon template or icon grid

APP icon design grid system

Before the 25 school, a lot of knowledge points about the design of icons are shared.

1, Logo logo design learning: how to use LOGO grid design correctly

2, Android icon template and icon grid design standard (with PSD download)

3, iOS7 grid system design detailed interpretation and iOS7 icon template demonstration



The second part: share the 4PX Line icon icon design works appreciation and tutorials in China.

At the same time, designers share a copy of PSD, so that everyone can learn and master the design course of 4PX Line icon.

4PX Line icon drawing tutorial


4PX Line icon design PSD material: download download size: 0.6M

A set of Emoji emoticons and Emoji expression PSD Download

One set of QQ expressions and the present emoticons that we often think of at college. For the designer, it’s a very good set of Emoji emoticons, as well as a Emoji expression PSD material downloaded.

QQ default expression material download Vector-Emoji-1.0

This is the most full vector QQ emoticons shared by the 25 school so far.

Download address: download a set of Emoji emoticons immediately

Brand LOGO design case study: OFO yellowish car and the way cattle UED

This section is mainly to share with you the ideas of the LOGO design case and the logo design of 2 Internet brand merchants. How to design the popular brand new brand logo at the moment to cater to the user’s habit and love.


The first brand LOGO design case study: OFO small yellow car



In May this year, the name of the of0 brand was changed from “ofo shared bike” to “ofo small yellow car”. The main reason for changing the name is that in daily life, users have been used to call ofo “Xiao Huang Che”. On the basis of “ofo”, it adds three words to “Xiao Huang Che”, which reflects ofo’s brand pursuit of respecting users and users.

At the same time, in conjunction with the new name, the new LOGO also added the Chinese name “small yellow car”, and the “ofo” font has become more rounded and thick than before. At the same time, ofo also enabled’s independent international domain name.

Ofo-logo design case of X small yellow car


Second brand LOGO design case studies: the logo creative design of the way cow UED

The way cattle UED LOGO designed and applied sharing learning.

The design of the way cattle UED-logo

Tuniu UED, the full name of “tuniu user experience design center (Tour & User Experience Design Center)”, the design team was company, is committed to enhancing the cattle products user experience, the design center service products including tuniu tourism websites, social networking, wireless, transportation, hotel, holiday film, flute wind distribution platform retail brand, platform, derivatives, payment, basic products, excellent designers here the polymerization of more than 60 from all corners of the country, to explore the Internet OTA ecological experience design innovation.

The way cattle designers recruit information:

If you want to join the UED department, try to invest in a resume.


Pattern icon creative design appreciation: will this UI design style be hot

The day before yesterday, the 25 school shared the three most common icons in the APP design. 3 kinds of creative design methods for pattern icons are introduced in detail.

Sometimes we can also understand that the Pattern design style is a market or an ecosystem. As shown in the following figure:



And today, the little editor of the 25 school has found a group of designers who specialize in the creative design of Pattern icons.

Their work is very good. Will the design style of the Pattern icon be as hot as the MBE style?

These creative icon design works, are elements of magical flowers, leaves, branches of the designer and nature into a different pattern. As smart as a new pin。

Five 7_1x 9_1x Thirty Crown Deer Floral Luv Nesting-doll03 Peace Pin

The above Pattern icon creative design works come from the dribbble home page of the beauty Designer:



The 8 most popular APP illustration icon PSD material downloaded

The coolest and cool learning of a new UI design icon is to see how people are designed, which PS skills and painting elements are used. Learning to steal is always the fastest way to make progress!

Today 25 schools share the 8 most popular APP illustrations icon PSD material.

The results are as follows:

I like to download it:


Download 8 most popular APP illustration icons PSD material for download immediately

In addition to a set of VSCO desktop App source source material:



Chasing network view and download address:

Download immediatelyVSCO desktop App icon PSD

Note: you must want VSCO interface to download the template over the wall.

An amazing group of animal cartoon logo design cases

Today, the little editor of the 25 school brings a group of super – cute and expressive animal cartoon logo design appreciation.

After the design of the APP work, may as well come to 25 schools to look at these lovely elves.

They are all very loving elves. Of course, we can also work through these animals, logo, to see that the designer is also very loving.


Little-farmers Neko Pamboo-2 S_l Seal-1 SPAD Wei-dog_1x



If you have a similar animal cartoon logo design, you can also share it with us to convey the different mood in the designer’s heart.

The above 10 Super Cute group of animal cartoon logo design cases come from:


Creative and conceptual design learning of the letter logo logo

Excellent designers can’t stop, and always design works of highly innovative or conceptual design. Maybe it’s the power of a designer

In fact, most of the real love design buddy will love or delve into some new design and lead the design industry, or leveraging the design trend of works and so on.

Today, the little editor of 25 schools recommends some excellent innovative and conceptual logo logo design works for reference and appreciation.

The first innovative concept – based letter logo logo design learning: linkfire


Which logo logo do you prefer more?


Second: S + Pin + Track + Arrow logo concept for Scooptrack


More creative logo designs are as follows:

1-variationsLogo designer’s other representative works:

Logo_1x Logo3_1x (1)


Logo3_1x Logo6_1x

The above 4 logo design identities are creative designs based on the letters B combined with other letters. Can you tell what the logo logo is based on?

The designer’s Chase Network Address: