Argentine couples have traveled around the world by themselves for 18 years, and they have four children by the way, envious

Living in a comfortable environment, it’s hard to find free time to travel crazily. This is the way most people live.

For a Zapp family in Argentina, travel is their daily life.


In the past 18 years, the Zapp family has traveled around the world by self driving, across continents and over 100 countries. The Zapp family once camped at the foot of Kilimanjaro Mountain in Africa and took photos in the pyramids of Egypt.

All of this came from an “impulsive” and planned decision 18 years ago.


In 2000, Herman and Candelaria Zapp had been married for six years.


Herman is an it technologist, and Candelaria is a full-time wife. Such a two-tier life makes both of them eager for a exciting adventure.


Perhaps for everyone, the age in their early 40s should be stable at home to raise children and work for a living.

But for the Zapp couple, it’s a boring life.


Two people, who didn’t have a son or a daughter, began to plan a six-month self driving tour of Alaska.


In 2000, there was no “the world is so big, I want to see it”, and there were not so many full-time travel experts on the Internet who were frantically Po beautiful photos of their journey.

For the Zapp couple, the trip was madness and unbridled preparation.


It may be hard for many people to identify with these life patterns that have been on the road – living in their hometown where the economic foundation has been laid, but they have to quit their jobs and take the risk of starving to travel.

So the people around couldn’t understand what they were doing, but the Zapp couple were on a significant journey.


For them, this is not only a relaxation in the busy life, but also the first step to pursue their dreams.


Herman quit his job, Candelaria sorted out what he needed on the way out, and the two bought a car to accompany them on their journey.


From the south of South America to the northernmost part of North America, Zapp and his wife met with totally different cultural differences and heard various languages and dialects with different accents.


In the middle of the road, they spent all their savings and were trapped in Ecuador.

Without any travel experience, they still didn’t give up, relying on Candelaria to sell their own paintings, Herman to do short-term work, and all the way to Alaska.


The six-month journey took the Zapp couple two years to complete.

But in this journey, it was the birth of their eldest son, Pampa, that really brought them to another stage in their lives.


Zapp and his wife, who once only wanted to spend their travel life with two people, were just as afraid of being the same after having children as all young couples.

But after constantly seeing different life paths, they found that entering the next stage of life is not necessarily as difficult as they think, but both of them lack the courage to change.


have bravely set foot on the road of other countries, with the courage to travel, there will also be a strong sense of responsibility for parents.

So Pampa was born. On the way to North Carolina, they took care of their children.


At the end of this difficult journey, when everyone thought they should stop, Zapp and Zapp found another way of life and fell deeply in love with the days on the road
did not stop two people, and began to travel around the world.


With their first experience, the couple began planning their first five-year trip.

With their son, Pampa, the Zapp family traveled all over South America and North America.


Such a family of three rowed across the Amazon, sleeping in the desert of Arizona at night to see the stars.

Pampa and Zapp spent a wonderful time together in their family of three. When they returned to Argentina, Candelaria gave birth to a second son, tehue.

Across Canada, the arrival of her daughter, Paloma, added a girl to the Zapp family.

At the end of their first five-year trip, the Zapp family had three children, and with them, they continued their next journey.

This time, they took the car to Oceania, ready to start a new route in Australia and New Zealand.

On the way, wallaby, the youngest son, came to the family.


So far, the Zapp family has become a family of six from the first couple!

The self driving car has become their mobile home, and all the things they need in life can be taken out of the car.

It has become a unique way to get along in this family by teaching children how to cook and how to identify food materials in the wild.

Many people think that they are not responsible for their children, but Zapp and his wife are teaching their children the skills to survive in this society.

Every time the couple went to a place, they would have a good relationship with the surrounding residents, and some kind families would invite them to visit
they ask the children to help with the housework, repay the residents for providing them with accommodation, and let the children take the initiative to learn their etiquette and culture together with the local people.

These courses that let children experience in person are much more real than watching books in class.

Every day when we go to different places, Herman will tell the children about the history and legends of this place, and listen to the cultural background here, so that the children can better integrate into the local.

Herman said the most interesting thing was to tell the children about the grandeur of the Himalayas the night before the trip, and that Everest was in front of them when they got up the next morning.

At the seaside, they and their children talk about the diversity of marine life. They can take them to dive to see turtles, and bandage the injured turtles with the local people.

It’s the priceless treasure for children to receive experiential education
is a childhood experience that many parents can’t give to participate in the whole process of children’s growth.

What surprised little in even more was that Zapp and his wife did not become so-called travel bloggers.

There are only Facebook and instagram accounts. Compared with the current ins celebrities, there are not many fans, and the number of posts is pitiful. Even the pictures we take are our usual “travel card shooting”.

They chose to record their journey stories in words. In 2007, they published their autobiography spark your dream, which has even been updated six times, and has been at the top of the sales list all year round.

Over the past 18 years, Zapp and his wife have been truly aware of life on the road, learning to grow and gain courage.


“when you see the world and meet different people, you will become especially brave and confident. We let children face all kinds of challenges in the world from childhood, dare to learn to take risks and explore the world, such children can change the world more and make the world better! “


embarking on a journey is not only for children, but also for their own way to regain courage in life.

jumped out of the original comfortable circle, looking for more different experiences, which changed the Zapp family’s view of life.


for Zapp couples who don’t have children, growing up with their children is a happiness they can’t realize.


Just like those young people who are arranged to meet each other by their parents, they always resist every meeting under the arrangement. They don’t know that maybe their parents’ worry is not that you are “single for a long time and no one wants to”, but that they just want you to try to move towards different stages of life.


For most people who are used to their comfort circle, try to jump out of their familiar circle and try different life experiences. Like Zapp and his wife, a walk on the go trip may be a way to get more happiness in life.


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