Australia: night climb Sydney bridge

Australia: night climb Sydney bridge
The magnificent Sydney Bridge is the world’s first single-arch Bridge, known as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia.
is called “clothes rack” by Australian local residents, from “pregnant” to “born”, around the cost of more than 100 years. The
Sydney harbour bridge has many important meanings, and it is also one of the representative buildings of Sydney. It is like a long rainbow across the bay, towering and beautiful, magnificent, and the world-famous Sydney opera house across the sea, becoming the symbol of Sydney. Climbing the Harbour Bridge is one of the most popular attractions. The bridge is 147 metres high, the equivalent of 52 stories, and offers an excellent view of Sydney harbour and circular quay. Lonely planet has named BridgeClimb as one of the top 10 most exciting experiences in the world. Australians love to have fun, so Sydney bridge came up with the idea to climb the world’s largest arch bridge, nicknamed the coat hanger. It is the only bridge in the world that allows visitors to climb to the top of the arch. The Sydney bridge climb, which began in 1998, attracts thousands of tourists from home and abroad, including European royalty, famous athletes, movie stars and celebrities. It takes two and a half hours to climb the Shanghai harbor bridge, the symbol of Sydney. It is a very happy thing to stand at its highest point and have a bird ‘s-eye view of the whole Sydney.

Australia: night climb Sydney bridge
climbers will experience the thrill and satisfaction of climbing to the top of Sydney’s iconic buildings, while also getting a 360-degree view of Sydney and the harbour. Do you like such a journey? I had a crush on the
a long time ago, so climbing the Sydney bridge is an important part of my trip to Sydney! When I decided to climb the Sydney bridge, I was faced with a choice: do I climb it by day or by night?
under normal circumstances, it would be better to climb the bridge during the day or at sunset. The light is good, the view is clear and the photos are good, but we arrived in Sydney just in time for the Vivid Sydney festival, so we decided to climb the bridge at night! & have spent Australia: night climb Sydney bridge
get your ticket, refuel, and get ready to start the preparations for the bridge climb.
[price] the price of
bridge climbing is also different according to different time periods, divided into: dawn – day – dusk – night. The price of an adult with mandarin explanation of climbing is 258-378 Australian dollars. The night from Monday to Friday is the cheapest (253 Australian dollars), and dawn bridge climbing is the most expensive (378 Australian dollars).
standard price is au $163 on weekdays and au $183 on weekends.
tickets include:
group – a free
– a memorial hat
– a certificate for climbing (the early experience of climbing except)
concrete price and make an appointment you can refer to their Chinese website: & have spent Australia: night climb Sydney bridge
waiting room star wall~

Australia: night climb Sydney bridge
Australia: night climb Sydney bridge Australia: night climb Sydney bridge
Australia: night climb Sydney bridge

Australia: night climb Sydney bridge
before boarding the bridge, you must pass a vital capacity test, a breathalyse test and a metal detector, and you must sign your health certificate and contract form before you are allowed to climb. After listening to the instructions in a small hall, all the people on the
are given a jumpsuit. Girls should take off all the jewelry, after everyone handed in all personal belongings and changed clothes, through the security door to enter the formal wear equipment link. Unfortunately,
cannot bring any photographic equipment, and the photos behind are taken by the bridge staff.

Australia: night climb Sydney bridge
after we changed our clothes, we began to fully armed. The most important was a metal chain with a steel ball attached to it, which was to be attached to a metal pole along the route of the bridge. Once the
is up and down until the end of the event, you must not leave the bridge or the climbing group during the climb. & have spent Australia: night climb Sydney bridge
group photo, is it super professional? We have a guide on the back and headphones (for early morning or night Tours with overhead lights). The
then gave us hats, raincoats, blue handkerchiefs to wipe the sweat off, ropes for the legs of our glasses, and hairpins for the girls’ hair, all of which were fastened to our clothes to ensure that nothing fell off the bridge.
if your shoes don’t fit, they stock sneakers of all sizes. With nearly an hour, all equipment finished, we looked at each other, each appear very professional. & have spent There are two photo spots on the Australia: night climb Sydney bridge
bridge, one is the lower arch bridge, and the last one is the commanding point of the outer arch. This is the view of the lower arch bridge. We climbed and stopped until we reached the top of the bridge. The most exciting moment is the 360-degree view of the beautiful city of Sydney. My mood quietly calmed down. Sydney bridge was dubbed Sydney’s old coat hanger in a story, but what impressed me most was the first day of the new millennium when golden fireworks rose from the top of the bridge’s arch.
Australia: night climb Sydney bridge
at the top of the bridge, blowing sea breeze and appreciate the bright light node of the SYDNEY opera house in SYDNEY and VIVID SYDNEY during the night scene is beautiful, the change pattern of light is the decorative pattern of Australia’s unique animals, above into a nautilus ~ just at the time of shooting
Australia: night climb Sydney bridge
I stand at the top of the tall the SYDNEY harbour bridge, it is unforgettable moment. It was a wonderful climb, with stars overhead and the colours of the Sydney lights festival in my eyes, with the Australian flag flying and whistling in the distance, helicopters flying overhead, trains flying and cars rushing by. In particular, the roof of the Sydney opera house, another landmark in Sydney, is shining brightly.
Australia: night climb Sydney bridge

Australia: night climb Sydney bridge
in bridge on the other side, there is a square color lights dance floor, with a dance on the dance floor ~ ah yi ah ah, swing to swing to the beat, at the top of the Sydney, let lele quickly enough ~
Australia: night climb Sydney bridge
end after climbing all the way, the coach will be sent to each of the participating students a hat and a certificate, certificate of reading: Certify This is to certify that ; XU LIU successfully climbed to the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge17 June, 2017 & NBSP;


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Australia: night climb Sydney bridge


Australia: night climb Sydney bridge


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