Bash shell environment variable in Linux


Aliases are shortcuts to commands. It’s useful to create shortcuts for long commands that need to be executed frequently, but need to be entered for a long time. The syntax is:

alias ppp='ping'

They are not always used to shorten long commands. It’s important that you use them for tasks you often perform. Possible examples:

alias update='yum update'

In this way, you can just use update to complete the command operation of Yum update.

The problem with setting aliases in a terminal is that once the terminal session is closed, the aliases are lost. To set them up permanently, use the resource file.

resource file

Resource files (RC files) are configuration files that are loaded at the beginning of a session or process (when each user opens a new terminal window or starts a new program such as VIM). For Zsh, the resource file is. Zshrc, for bash, it is. Bashrc.

To make aliases permanent, you can put them in a resource file. You can edit the resource file using the text editor of your choice. VIM is used here:

vim $HOME/.zshrc

Or for bash:

vim $HOME/.bashrc

In this way, after we create a new terminal, we can still use the commands we created to complete some longer command operations


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