Besides the five mountains, you don’t know China’s “sixth mountain”

When it comes to Huashan, do you only have “Xiyue Huashan” or “Huashan school” of Mr. Jin Yong in mind? If so, you will be out, because there is also a very low-key and historical and cultural “little brother” of Huashan, which is Xiaohuashan.

Today, I will take you to Xiaohua mountain, Jiangyuan ancient tomb


Xiaohua mountain is said to be the place where the virgin ginger can’t cultivate herself, and the place where she can rest. According to the historical books, it is said that the mother of Yan Emperor, an Deng, once visited Huayin (Xiaohua mountain) and had a feeling of pregnancy. He was born when he lived. So it is called “Xiaohua mountain”.

After entering the gate, you can see the landmark of Xiaohua mountain

Bagua Pavilion


There are four steles in front of the Eight Diagrams Pavilion, which record the rebuilt inscriptions of Xiaohua mountain.


From right to left: the 14th year of Jiaqing, the 3rd year of the Republic of China, the 2nd year of Guangxu and the 15th year of Qianlong.

The stone tablet on the far left records the lecture given by Zhang Zai, a great master of Guanxue, to Xiaohuashan LVYE academy, the predecessor of today’s LVYE middle school.


The whole building complex of Xiaohua mountain has unique structure. It is mainly imitated Qing Dynasty building. The roof decoration is mainly made of grey pottery, with through flower ridge. Each side is decorated with animal head, hook head and dripping water. The workmanship is fine and the design is vivid.


The South Tianmen palace is ingenious, with cornices and arches. Visitors can not only see Xiuchuan from afar, but also have a rest.


The whole hall is towering and towering. When the autumn wind caresses your face and the sun sets, you will feel sad and calm.

Xiaohua mountain is now a Taoist resort. There are Laojun hall below, Yuhuang tower, Shanshen cave, Doumu palace, Yaowang cave, Lingguan cave, Bagua Pavilion, Sanqing hall, Kuixing tower and other buildings. From a distance, it looks like Lingxiao hall, carved beams and embroidered columns, Qiongtai Yuyu, perched on the top of the mountain.

See if you are shocked by the profound cultural background here, then come to Xiaohua mountain to have a good look.

Tour route look down

Self driving line

Line 1: Xi’an (G30 Expressway) → Wugong exit → Zhenyuan town → Daijia town → Wugong town [1.5 hours]

Line 2: Xi’an (Xibao north line) → Xianyang → Xingping → Changning town → Zhenyuan town → Daijia town → Wugong town [3 hours]

Line 3: Baoji (Xibao Expressway) → Yangling (Yanglin Road) → Wugong town

Route 4: Xianyang Airport → Ring Expressway → Xibao Expressway → Wugong exit → Zhenyuan town → Daijia town → Wugong town

Passenger line

Line 1: Chengxi passenger station → Wugong town

Line 2: Xi’an railway station → Yangling → Wugong town

Line 3: Xi’an high speed railway station → Yangling high speed railway station → Yangling bus station → Wugong town

Line 4: Xi’an / Xianyang / Xingping passenger station → Wugong town

Line 5: Baoji passenger station → Wugong (get off the expressway) → No.12 bus

flight line

Route: Xianyang Airport → airport bus → Yangling passenger station → Wugong town


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