Bold idea of Thai Tourism: save another 2000 baht for you

2000 baht, about 420 yuan,

What can this small money do in Thailand?

50 baht a share of mango glutinous rice can bring 40

About 200 hotel apartments can stay for two nights

A 60 yuan Street horse can kill chickens six or seven times

A seafood buffet on the 79th floor of bayork skyscraper in Bangkok can be eaten twice


And 2000 baht is exactly the price of Thailand’s landing visa. If Thailand does not implement a short-term free landing visa policy, then everyone needs to pay so much visa fee. If it’s a family outing, it’s more! Therefore, the policy of free land signing is very affordable and convenient for the public, and it is also quick to stimulate the tourism industry.

In July 2018, there was a capsizing accident in Phuket, Thailand, which led to a sharp drop in the number of tourists. In order to attract more overseas tourists, the trend of reducing the number of Chinese tourists due to the sinking accident in Phuket Island was reversed. Thailand’s tourism industry strongly appeals to the government to implement the free policy of land signing, and the government also responds positively to this call.


On November 17, 2018, the Deputy Secretary General of the Prime Minister of Thailand, Mr. bhuttipong, as the spokesman of the prime minister’s office, officially announced that the cabinet meeting of Thailand had considered and adopted measures to temporarily exempt tourists from landing visa fees in 21 countries and regions, including Mainland China and Taiwan. From December 1, 2018 to January 31, 2019.

Due to the good effect of visa free, tourists have a blowout development, and the number of Chinese tourists to Thailand in 2018 has rapidly exceeded the 10 million mark. After that, on January 8, 2019, the Thai cabinet decided to pass a resolution again, extending the original free policy of landing visa to April 30, so as to continuously attract tourists from all countries to Thailand, especially during the water splashing Festival.


Seeing that the visa free period for landing is about to expire, many tourists are worried about spending more money to take their children with them in summer vacation. Unexpectedly, the tourism industry in Thailand has put forward a bold idea that Thai Tourism Association and private enterprise tourists will propose to the Minister of tourism and sports of Thailand to extend the visa free policy for landing of tourists from some countries and regions including China The deadline.

According to Thai media reports, people from the Tourism Festival said: in order to form a good tourism development model in Thailand and ensure the tourism quality in the off-season, it is necessary for Thailand to formulate measures to strengthen tourism development. Thailand’s rival countries have announced the implementation of the free landing visa policy as a major market opening tool to attract global tourists.


Sura yarat, chairman of the Thai Tourism Association, said that the Thai government’s free policy for tourists from some countries and regions will expire on April 30. Now, representatives of Thailand tourism association and various tourism associations hold a meeting, at which they decide to propose to the Thai government to extend the deadline to October 2019.

Wei Qi, President of Thailand Tourism Association (atta), said it is necessary for Thai non-governmental organizations to negotiate with the government to extend the free landing visa policy to October 2019. In any case, Thailand’s tourism industry will continue to develop. At the same time, it is hoped that the government will also consider the measures of single and multiple re signing, so as to bring convenience to tourists and business people.


However, Thailand’s tourism and sports minister, willasah, said that if the industry proposes to postpone, the Thai government will have to consider the value assessment results, but personally, Thailand should not always implement the free landing visa policy, because Thailand needs to improve more infrastructure construction and develop safe tourism measures for the sake of tourists.


In fact, the first two free policies were implemented under the strong appeal of people in the tourism industry. After all, sacrifice small money and make big money! Therefore, this time, people in the tourism industry still put forward a strong demand. The official will pay attention to it. According to the previous examples, the probability of realization is quite high. After all, Thailand’s tourism, which is about to enter the off-season, still needs policy stimulus.


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