Car workshop: hidden in the side of the “craftsman” you found?

& have spent Artisan culture,

It refers to the attitude of practitioners towards the products of their industry.

Car workshop: hidden in the side of the


I often meet craftsmen who move me.

To pour his soul into his craft,

Ten years is like a day.

Car workshop: hidden in the side of the

The & # 9651; Uncle ramen in Sapporo, Hokkaido, inheritor of qingye ramen.

The craftsman culture was put forward by the Japanese at the beginning. The century-old shop is operated from generation to generation. The next generation does not suffer from doing catering service, but has a kind of family glory in it (applause should be given here).

A store that is basically at the same store all the time (imagine the traffic and the workload of the chef) is still managed by the owner every day.

Working for 10 hours a day, sweaty but happy, that satisfaction and happiness written all over your face, just to give you a bowl of good taste that hasn’t changed in 70 years…

(in the case of the food crisis, most of it is because people don’t have long-term expectations and want to get away with it.)

Car workshop: hidden in the side of the

After a bowl of noodles is finished, both hands are presented to the guests. Just put it here, you can feel the care and care of the noodle maker.

Car workshop: hidden in the side of the

I like to eat noodles, and I have tried many Japanese ramen noodles, but only a few of them are so delicious that I have no soup left.

A bowl of noodles reflects the “craftsman culture”. This is a story of craftsman that I have personally experienced and will remember for my whole life.

“Pour into effort, keep improving, perserve”, it is ingenuity spirit.

In the era of efficiency, cost reduction and profit maximization, ingenuity is rare and valuable.

Some time ago, the hot documentary “I repair cultural relics in the Palace Museum”, the story of the Chinese imperial palace restorers and how many people moved.

Nowadays everyone likes to talk about the craftsman culture, but have you found the craftsman around you? (comments are welcome)

Last weekend, I met such a group of “craftsmen” in xi ‘an.

& have spent

Car workshop: hidden in the side of the

The story took place in a garage.

Friends who know me well know that I’m a big fan of road trips and have always felt that road travel is a more free and meaningful way to travel than traveling by train or plane.

Perhaps the distance is the scenery, near is life.

From xiamen to xi ‘an, the car just arrived at the maintenance period, so the direct navigation to the car workshop, about the “car workshop” chain store, maybe you already know, maybe you don’t know.

It is a professional fast repair chain store owned by saic and gm. Although it is called fast repair, the master is not careless in doing things. A group of people around my car make a thorough inspection, especially seriously.

Chatting with one of the young men, he told me that he had been fond of tinkering with machinery since childhood and had always wanted to be an auto maintenance technician. Although people around him said that it was too hard and tiring, he felt that every car was like a piece of art in his mind, which needed good care and maintenance.

Hearing these words, I was quite moved. From his expression and eyes, I deeply felt his love for this industry. His state of work is so similar to that of the chef in the Japanese ramen shop!

Car workshop: hidden in the side of the

Generally speaking, maintenance is to change the oil machine filter after the master simply clean the appearance of the vehicle, the matter is over.

But the fact is that the master here also checked me on a lot of other projects,

Such as the condition of brake fluid, the voltage of the battery, the use of the brake disc, wiper, headlights and other 31 items of inspection,

They tell me that these are all free checks you can get when you come into the store.

Car workshop: hidden in the side of the

Professional and careful master, ultra high cost performance, practical choice.

Saic-gm certified professional technician,

Top quality original parts of saic gm

Replacement of accessories of century-old AC deco,

Guaranteed the life of the car,

For travel safety added a lot of peace of mind.

The craftsmanship attitude of the car workshop,

Neighbors see,

Recommend everyone to try!

Car workshop: hidden in the side of the

Car workshop: hidden in the side of the

Car workshop: hidden in the side of the

The & # 9651; The WeChat public number of car workshop, what you want to know is inside

Car workshop: hidden in the side of the

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Car workshop: hidden in the side of the

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Car workshop: hidden in the side of the

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