Children of all ethnic groups in Qiannan Prefecture


Qiannan tea garden (IX) a660202 in Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, a multi-ethnic area, the diversity of women’s clothing makes the land present a colorful garden like feeling.

A603黔南州的各族儿女 no matter the Miao nationality on the mountain or the Buyi Nationality at the foot of the mountain, their clothes and clothes are all bright one by one, of course, their smiling faces are more and more brilliant There are many branches of the Miao Nationality in a603黔南州的各族儿女
, such as the Miao women in Yunwu Town, Guiding County, who belong to the “Haipa Miao” and have spiral shell ornaments on their backs.

A 6033 a 60205 a 6033 a 6033 a 60206 a 6033 these Shui nationality elementary school students walk several kilometers mountain road after school, there is no school bus road on the third class road, they laugh and pull their younger brother to go out early and return late together.

黔南州的各族儿女 no matter male or female students, the ugly uniforms not only erase their national characteristics, but also kill their naive nature.

Miao musicians, although they are all old men, but because of the national characteristics of clothing, they still show different styles.  

The Han women, the Miao musicians and the Buyi sound engineers who came back from the east coastal city of 黔南州的各族儿女 a 6033 showed the multi-ethnic customs and customs of their respective ethnic costumes. The invasion of urbanization made her lose her ethnic characteristics.

the graduates of Dulong nationality can not find a trace of Dulong nationality, at least not from the appearance A 6033 a 6033 a 60212 a 6033 and an old woman who looks like a minority, the answer to the question is “Han nationality”.

Guizhou people, whether ethnic minorities or Han nationality, like to carry or hold infant in this way. This can work and look after the children A603黔南州的各族儿女 piggybacked babies are very different from piggybacked goods. The former is designed to be very beautiful, exquisite and of ornamental value, while the latter is very simple in function. It’s obvious that carrying a strong and durable a603黔南州的各族儿女
backpack can reduce some burden than holding it, which can be proved by their ability to avoid the camera step by step A 6033 a 6033 a 60216 a 6033 girl of Buyi Nationality, who lives by the lake of snail shell, performs the tea art slowly under the pipa performance. In such an art form, the middle-aged Buyi women of “Duyun Maojian” a 6033 a 6033 a 60217 a 6033 generation are recommended. They may not be good at tea ceremony, but they have the best skills — singing folk songs and picking tea.

A603黔南州的各族儿女 the workers of Yingfan ecological tea garden are not good at slaughtering. However, in order to entertain the guests, they temporarily acted as a guest butcher to kill the local chicken in the tea garden A603黔南州的各族儿女
the normal life of ordinary people in Qiannan Prefecture, from the tourists in Shiban street of Duyun to the tea pickers in the deep mountain tea field, their expressions are all real and natural
. The old man of Han nationality, who can’t speak Mandarin well, rushed to the tea ceremony hall from the mountain road several miles away in the morning, although he didn’t drink the first pot of new tea of spring tea


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