Chongqing, a city that does not follow the custom


Chongqing is one of the few cities with its own characteristics in China. In the homogenization construction, the stereotyped faces of Chinese cities are boring



Chongqing’s light rail is also different from the subway in major cities: one will go up the mountain, one will go into the river, one will go underground and one will take off. Taking the subway can also be regarded as one of the tourism projects, which is also one of Chongqing’s characteristics. On the rolling mountain road of the mountain city, these flexible manual workers bear the heavy responsibility of transportation 不随俗流的城市——重庆 不随俗流的城市——重庆 these hot pot seasonings are also the patents of Chongqing. Although the whole land of Bashu is popular with spicy hot pot, Chongqing has its own “Chongqing old hot pot” brand 不随俗流的城市——重庆 although Indian pancakes are imported, and the “old yoghurt” in various places is also blooming all over the country, but Mao xuewang and the like must be unique to Chongqing 不随俗流的城市——重庆 Guokui should be part of Sichuan Chongqing diet. There are many places of longxusu. I wonder if Chongqing longxusu also has spicy taste 不随俗流的城市——重庆 不随俗流的城市——重庆 “face changing” art can be extended to the category of Bayu culture. And “face changing” toys have finally broken through the magic spell of all kinds of souvenirs 不随俗流的城市——重庆 although Chongqing Mahua is not as famous as Tianjin Mahua, in downtown food stores, farmer’s market stalls and even airport stores, there are magnetic outlets selling “Chongqing Mahua” 不随俗流的城市——重庆 a603a603a603不随俗流的城市——重庆
Shapingba, which is a newly built commercial ancient town in Chongqing. The convenient traffic makes this small business district full of people’s voices all day long. 不随俗流的城市——重庆, once regarded as a feudal dregs of divination, was named “five thousand years of culture” and opened to the emperor’s business. Since the officials are particularly fond of it, why forbid it A 6033 a 6033 a 60215 a 6033 the gate of Baolun temple is quiet. It is located in the downtown area of Ciqikou, but it is “spotless”. The Pilgrims who are anxious and have something to ask for come here A 6033 a 6033 a 60216 a 6033 a 60217 a 6033 more tourists are leisurely strolling in the narrow and rolling streets of Ciqikou. Although they may not buy it, they like the atmosphere and environment 不随俗流的城市——重庆
tired and sat down with friends. Chongqing’s son-in-law, from the northeast, said: he likes the city and its vitality, although summer is tough 不随俗流的城市——重庆
in another part of the mountain city, the Hongya cave on the Bank of Jialing River, the lights are dim at night. It takes 11 floors to take the elevator from the river side, and it turns out that it is still on the ground after coming out A 6033 a 60220 a 6033 Nanping bus station, all day long to block these vehicles waiting for passengers. Even at 11 o’clock at night, the driver shouted “Qijiang! Qijiang! “


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