Experience fishermen’s life in Lingshan Island

A 60201 a 6033 enjoy the West Coast (I) a 6033 a 60202 from jimiya port of Qingdao West Coast new area to Lingshan Island 20 nautical miles away

Like all the scenic spots that Chinese tourists pass by, there must be a piece of rubbish left behind. Boarding takes one hour to wait patiently, but it’s absolutely not the reason for littering. Only about 100 people can be transported each time 在灵山岛体验渔民生活
, a garrison soldier of Lingshan island who has been in the army for two years, returns to Lingshan island and stands upright at the stern, just like the guard During the journey of a603在灵山岛体验渔民生活, there were ships coming to or surpassing rapidly. It is said that the joy of seeing the “spot” of the aircraft carrier may soon disappear with the sea breeze A 6033 a 60207 and tourists have to rush to take photos before they can calm down and slowly rely on the railings to enjoy the scenery. Soon, the red house of Lingshan Island unfolded A603在灵山岛体验渔民生活 no matter how powerful the driver is, he can only get on board first, land first, and show his skill on the mountain road on the island. More tourists can only choose to take the electric vehicle on the island A 6033 a 60209 a violent female driver drives an electric car on the mountain road without slowing down, and at the same time, she keeps calling and scolding the receiver roughly There are many mountains on 在灵山岛体验渔民生活
island. You can stroll and climb at will, except that the garrison area is not close to take photos A603在灵山岛体验渔民生活 the first lunch after landing on the island was made from local materials. Unlike the profiteers who do business in Qingdao, the price of a shrimp is too high

The coastal market full of fishy smell lasts from morning to night. In addition to shipping seafood to the mainland, many tourists on the island cook in the farmyard after buying

Lingshan Island, 7.6 square kilometers, has about 3000 residents in 12 natural villages. It is also China’s “third highest island”. One of the eight sceneries of Jiaozhou A603在灵山岛体验渔民生活
island residents are very short of drinking water although they are rich in food and clothing. It’s the most difficult job for them to pick up water near every day A 6033 a 60215 a 6033 grandchildren and grandchildren can’t help. When they have the strength as adults, they leave the island one by one to go to school and work. All that remains is the old man In the afternoon of
, fishermen went out to sea to fish. It requires not only physical strength, but also intelligence and courage. Sometimes the bumpy hull tilts to a dangerous position. When the fishermen are not afraid of the calm of a603在灵山岛体验渔民生活 a603, the tourists who follow the fishing at sea take selfies, express their feelings and play cool, but they start vomiting one by one 在灵山岛体验渔民生活
the brave and tough fishermen freely spread and collected their nets as calmly as if they were on flat ground in the wind and waves, but they didn’t sing the beautiful fishing songs.


When the sunset was over the sea, the fishing boats came back with full load. The gift of the sea is a net of fish and shrimp for fishermen, and a wonderful experience and memory for tourists A603在灵山岛体验渔民生活 before landing, the fisherman rinses the fish and shrimps on the sea first, and soon there will be traders or buyers to buy them. The gift of the sea is always welcome
“fishing boat singing night”, vomit clean tourists back to the island to prepare dinner! In Lingshan Island, it’s really good to experience fishing at sea!


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