Experience “three knives” culture in Yangzhou

A 60201 thin West Lake slow life (2) a 6033 a 60202 a 6033 Yangzhou, thin West Lake. In the garden style hot spring resort, the single villa area with blue tiles and white walls looks like blue and white porcelain A 6033 a 6033 a 60203 a 6033 into the interior, spacious and bright living room, the layout is simple and elegant.

A 6033 a 60204 a 6033 main bedroom is opposite to the floor window, which is an independent private courtyard.

A 6033 a 60205 a 6033 a 6033 a 60206 a 6033 small courtyard has a side-by-side reclining chair and private soup under the sunshade umbrella

A 60207 a 6033 a 6033 a 60208 a 6033 can be washed directly in the bathroom of the master bedroom after being soaked in soup.

A 6033 a 60209 a 6033 a 6033 a 60210 a 6033 if you live in the second bedroom, the private soup is under the window A 6033 a 6033 a 60211 a 6033 superior geographical location, out of the resort is thin West Lake scenic area.

A603Experience in addition to the private soup in the villa area, there are also public hot spring pools and swimming pools.

A603Experience hot spring resort not only has the natural hot spring water, but also has the superb culinary master to prepare all kinds of delicacies including Huaiyang cuisine.

A 6033 a 60214 a 6033 Yangzhou Welcome Hotel is also a picturesque part. From the four bridges, the window overlooks the five pavilions of the thin West Lake.




The four bridges are full of smoke and rain, which is the best advantage. You can enjoy the core part of the lean West Lake scenic spot at the same time by tasting morning tea or attending a dinner party.

A603Experience a603a603a603Experience a603a603Experience a603a603Experience a603a603Experience a603a603a603Experience
Guangji building and interesting garden tea house are also excellent places for dining and tasting A603a603Experience
and hongqiaofang Hotel, almost connected with Yingbin Hotel, are also surrounded by green trees and flowers.


Promenades, pavilions and attics are scattered around the lake. Staying here is like sleeping in flowers.

The reading space provided by
can make the big city tourists who want to experience slow life sit down quietly and read without playing mobile phones.

The humanized design of the a603Experience a603a603a603Experience a603a603Experience
Hotel embodies the consistent “people-oriented” service concept of overseas managers, such as the small wooden tray for the guests to store the easily lost items A 6033 a 60230 a 6033 also has a super thick mattress and a shower switch set at the farthest distance, which is tiny and meticulous A 6033 a 60231 a 6033 and more gratifying is the affordable spa. Here you can experience the bath culture and enjoy the service of Yangzhou “three knives” culture a603a603Experience a603a603Experience a603a603a603Experience a603a603Experience
three knives: a kitchen knife, a razor and a pedicure knife. “Yangzhou bathing” is not only well-known, but also a master of foot repair.

inlay armor brings many people pain, but under the knife of Yangzhou master, it can be solved in a few seconds. When the whole country has “three knives culture” is good!


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