Guiyang can, why can’t Beijing?

A 60201 a 6033 Guiyang is not located in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, but there is no sunshine in the day, the sky above can also make Beijing people feel very familiar and “kind” A603a660202 there are a large number of buildings around the public places in the center of Guiyang, such as Nanming River and Zhucheng square, which represent the prosperity of Guiyang and even Guizhou A 6033 a 60203 a 6033 it is commendable that these public places in Guiyang provide free WiFi to the public. And the capital doesn’t! There are wif on the bus but I’m all decorations A 6033 a 60204 a 6033 a 6033 a 60205 a 6033 however, not all citizens like to enjoy this welfare. Compared with mobile Internet, offline mahjong seems to be more delicious. The elderly and the young are all involved

A 6033 a 60206 a 6033 those who don’t have the chance to play cards at the table choose to gather under the tree to chat and watch the street view.

A 6033 a 60207 a 6033 there are also young people who are in a hurry to stop and take a bite of food from the stall. As for the hygiene situation, it is no longer considered.

A 6033 a 60208 a 6033 a 6033 a 60209 a 6033 city building sculpture has some characteristics. The urban sculpture of Lusheng musical instruments of ethnic minorities can not be found in every city.



Although Lenin’s sculptures have been demolished all over the world, we and North Korean politicians still occupy the center of the historical stage.

A 6033 a 60212 a 6033 a 6033 a 60213 a 6033 a show building is free of charge. This is also unthinkable in other cities. At least 30 yuan for tickets!

A 6033 a 60214 a 6033 looking out from Jiaxiu building, there is a quiet open-air tea house on both sides of the clear Nanming River.

A 6033 a 60215 a 6033 a 6033 a 60216 a 6033 but it must be pointed out that the underpass at the busy intersection is not connected. If you want to go from the southwest to the northeast, you have to go all the way A 6033 a 60217 a 6033 in addition, the chaos of Guiyang station is unbelievable. Although the subway construction is not a one-day project, at least there should be emergency measures A 6033 a 60218 a 6033 by the way, the team leader is not only excellent in driving skills and considerate in service, but also versatile. He has a lot to do with current affairs. He will never be lonely all the way.


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