If you want to travel, but you can’t get a date, try this method

Nowadays, tourism is becoming more and more popular all over the country, and more and more people like to travel. But if you want to travel, but you can’t make an appointment, what should you do? I think it’s a problem that puzzles many people who want to travel but don’t want to act on their own, especially those who can’t drive or travel by themselves. Take myself for example. I used to be the owner who never went out alone to travel. Fortunately, my friends also like to travel, so when it comes to where to travel, everyone responds positively.

Of course, this is in the case of an appointment with a partner, so what should I do if I can’t? In fact, there is no problem. One simple and feasible way is to join the tourism group. Every time a tourist group organizes a tourist activity, many people come to the activity alone. And now there are such tourist groups in many parts of the country.

There are essential differences between tourist groups and travel agencies. First, they will not take shopping with them. Second, they will have enough time to play in the scenic area. If they don’t have enough time, they can apply for a delay. Then they can stop at any time to take photos when there is beautiful scenery on the road. It’s no exaggeration to say that tourism groups travel in groups, which means that buses are free to travel, and they don’t have to worry about food and accommodation. They are all arranged properly by the group leader and the team leader. At most, they prepare the ingredients when it’s their turn to cook, but most of the time they are the group leader and the team leader.


Group photo of highway in Taklimakan Desert, Xinjiang

Take our trip to southern Xinjiang this year for example. It’s the longest one of all my tours, from August 27 to September 25, for 30 days. At the same time, the journey is also the farthest one, starting from Chengdu, Sichuan Province in Southwest China, all the way to the west, and turning back to Tashkurgan County in the most Western Pamir Plateau, with a journey of tens of thousands of kilometers. There are more than 60 people accompanying us in this tour, many of whom take part in the activity alone, and the farthest one is from Haikou.


Hongqilap outpost class of kashkurgan County, Xinjiang

Sister side ear, who is alone from Haikou, came to participate in this tour. She flew to Chengdu on August 26, stayed in Chengdu for one night, and set out with us on August 27. In fact, at the beginning, she was also hesitant to participate in the tour. Because no one knew her, the perfect tour finally defeated her hesitation. “So whether or not to join this team is also very complicated. In the end, the world is so big. The idea of going to see it prevails. I decided to try it once, break through myself and sign up.”

As a result, the tour made sider very happy and made many new friends. Back to Haikou, the side ear has been connected with us so far, and it’s not hard to see from the conversation that she likes this tourist group very much and misses the 30 days with you.


Side ear takes a picture of the Yellow River Bridge in Liujiaxia reservoir, Yongjing, Gansu Province

Not only does she miss this trip alone, but also I and others, such as fengxueminshan, Shuilang, Pingan, clockwise and many other friends, miss our trip to southern Xinjiang, which is full of happiness. To explain, these four friends are also one person to participate in this tour. Of course, there is another person to participate in this tour. I will not go out one by one.

The following picture is a group photo of six friends in Qinghai Lake on the 5th day of the journey. The front row starts from Qiuyun (leader), the side ear, clockwise, Zhao Peiyu (leader), the back row starts from Ping’an, Liu Sanjie. Looking at their happy group photos, can you see that three of them came to the activity alone?


Group photo of a tea restaurant by Qinghai Lake

Fengxue Minshan, the friend who had another name in this trip, general manager PA, was another name for him. Because he said that he would make Parkinson’s attack when he was playing, his hands would shake hard, and he would only attack the group leader. Ha ha, of course, it’s a joke.

The reason why he came to travel alone was that his friends stood him up. Originally, his friend invited him to take part in the tour. As a result, his friend was unable to leave temporarily, so he had to take part alone. Fengxue Minshan is also the first time to participate in such a tourism activity, and also like this way of tourism. Because we were on our way to ABA Heishui in late October, he said that he would not participate in the (travel agency) tourism group any more.


In Minfeng, Xinjiang, it’s our group’s turn to buy vegetables. In the farmer’s market, PA always takes a picture like this

Shuilang, a friend who likes to swim in winter, went to Ejina Banner in Inner Mongolia last October. He was alone at that time. This year, he traveled in southern Xinjiang, still alone. Take him as an example. When you travel, all you travel with are friends. There is no question whether you have company or not.


This is the maocai in Danxia Town, Gansu Province. The man with the mobile phone on the left is Shuilang

As I said earlier, our team is different from the tour group. When we see the beautiful scenery, we will stop to take photos. Moreover, this tour is specially arranged to take the Taklimakan Desert Road, so when we arrive at Minfeng from Xinjiang, we will take a detour from the middle of the tower to Minfeng. In Taklimakan Desert, friends take photos happily.


Qiuyun, Ping’an and Zhao Peiyu have a good time in Taklimakan Desert hi

There is another friend who comes to visit. I will not list them one by one. As far as I have participated in several group organized tourism activities, it gives me the feeling that every time I travel, the whole car friends are like members of a big family and enjoy themselves. Even introverted and shy people will be affected by everyone and become extroverted during the journey.

So, if you want to go out for a tour and you can’t meet someone, you can try to join a tour group, which will definitely bring you different feelings.


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