India you don’t know

Speaking of India, there are many people, India Pakistan conflicts, crowded trains, messy environment, Ashan’s Bollywood movies, holy Ganges water, and our border issues. The first thing you think about is this.


Here’s an introduction to India that you don’t know about. To visit there, you can choose from the following attractions: New Delhi, the capital. In fact, the capital of the Mughal Dynasty in Early India was Agra. (Agra will be introduced next.). During the British colonial period, the eastern city of Calcutta became the capital. Today, there are many conflicts between India and Pakistan because of the montbarton plan in the later period of British colonial rule. India moved its capital to New Delhi after independence. New Delhi is the most populous city in the world to the south of the Indian gate, and old Delhi to the north. There is a red fort in New Delhi. The front door of the red fort is Lahore gate. The Indian Parade is right there, which is comparable to our Tian’anmen Gate today. The red fort was also built during the Mughal period. The Mughal Dynasty is actually a branch of the Mongols in our Yuan Dynasty, and some of them are Persian. These people ran to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India to establish the Mughal Dynasty. They conquered this vast area. We need to know some history when we go to visit the scenery, so that we can get a better understanding of the historical and cultural accumulation. As the capital, New Delhi is also the place where India’s top four surnames (Brahman, sadiri, Barker and sudra) and the rich gather.


As we all know, the Taj Mahal is in Agra, the capital of the Mughal Dynasty. The mausoleum was built by Shah Jahan, the supreme ruler of the dynasty, in memory of his dead queen, Taj Mahal. They got married for 19 years and had 14 children. At last, Taj died of childbirth. Shah Jahan was so affectionate towards the Taj that he built a mausoleum made of white marble and agate not far from Agra castle. Every day, he could see his wife’s mausoleum in the castle. He had a bold idea that he wanted to build a black tomb similar to Taj Mahal before he died. Then he used a bridge to connect one black, one white and two tombs. However, his child had tried to usurp power so that the plan could not be realized. In the end, he was buried by his wife in the coffin of. In sigli, near Agra, there is the JAMA mosque, one of the world’s top ten mosques (as well as the Saudi Mecca mosque and Egypt’s al Azhar mosque). The mosque was also built by Shah Jahan in memory of his wife. Because the Mughal Dynasty at that time believed in Islam, which was Muslim, but the king did not require the people to believe in the Islamic time, but in the later period of Shah Jahan’s children, in order to facilitate the rule of the Dynasty and implement the state policy of integration of politics and religion, required the people to believe in Islam, which resulted in the destruction of religious diversity. At that time, India believed in Buddhism and Hinduism Too many people led to the revolt of discontent and accelerated the decline of the Mughal Dynasty.


There is a famous building in the northern Indian city of Amway: the Golden Temple, which is gilded with real gold. This temple is the holy place of Sikhism. Sikhism used to belong to Hinduism, but later it was separated as a separate religion. Sikh Indians will wear headscarves, beards, steel bracelets, and some people will put a small dagger on their waist. The doctrine is to be honest, fair, brave and wise. When you enter the Golden Temple (no admission fee), you need to take off your shoes, walk through the water pool in front of the temple, take up the water and pour it from the head or drink it to clean up your sins. There is a public canteen inside, where everyone sits on the ground, praying is only allowed, and communication and chat are not allowed. Food is available at any time. No money is collected. All the people who work here are unpaid. This is the real socialist commune. It is not nerves that are enshrined in the Golden Temple, but a Scripture. Sikhism only believes in classics.

The holy land of Hinduism is the eastern city of Varanasi. The streets of Varanasi on the side of Ganges River are very messy, and there are many local ascetic monks. This is the source of religious belief. The riverside is the scene where the religious people bathe and worship gods.

Although there are many tourist attractions and rich historical deposits in India, human geography is worth visiting. But in many places, personal egoism is still serious, and vendors will cheat tourists. However, most Indian people are still friendly to foreign tourists.


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