Invite friends to these 15 places!

A friend is always by your side crying and laughing

Someone who understands all your thoughts and all your emotions

Shopping, eating and chatting together

Of course, we have to travel together

There are different memories in different breath

Take advantage of youth and boundless scenery

15 best places to travel with good friends

More beautiful memories and stories, starting here

★ & nbsp; go to Daocheng for autumn

Aden, the rice city of autumn, is like the fairy tale that he loved most when he was a child.

Pure blue sky, flying eagle among white clouds, unique Tibetan architecture, golden autumn poplar, crimson swamp, sparkling river, what a beautiful oil painting.

★ & nbsp; go to Chongqing for hot pot

Only when I went to Chongqing did I know that although it’s not a paradise, it’s the most firework eater in the world, with so many nostalgic scenery.

Go into a hot pot shop and order all the meat and vegetables you like. If you want to lose weight or not, put them away and have a good meal.

★ & nbsp; climb Zhangjiajie together

If you want to really appreciate the charm of the ever-changing nature, go to Zhangjiajie.

Clouds, mountains, streams, echoes… Everything here is so unique and comfortable.

★ & nbsp; go to Weizhou Island together

The sea breeze blows a ripple, and the blue is scattered in front of us.

Weizhou Island is the most suitable place to be aimless.

★ & nbsp; run together in Hulunbuir

In everyone’s heart, there will be a prairie feelings, vast prairie, full of cattle and sheep.

We went on a long journey, mounted a horse, rode the horse and galloped the world prosperous.

★ & nbsp; go to Nanxun for tea

Sit by the river, hold a cup of tea and watch the pedestrians walking along the bank.

Listen to the melodious old records, taste the fragrant chrysanthemum tea in your hands, and quietly enjoy such a vivid picture. Time will slow down.

★ & nbsp; go to Lhasa to pray together

Maybe you can’t understand the Tibetan culture, but you must also yearn for the sacred land.

Unconsciously slow down the pace and pace, follow the local Tibetans to walk on the lane of bakuo street, and make some good wishes.

★ & nbsp; go hiking together in the rain avalanche

Into the rain avalanche, the eyes are not decorated with the original beauty.

Far away, a small residential building, scattered in the ocean, hidden in front of the house among the peaks, accompanied by farm flowers and birds, is so isolated, peaceful and peaceful that it is a paradise.

★ & nbsp; eat and drink in Guangzhou

Get up early in the morning and go to Guangzhou’s breakfast shops to have a taste of Cantonese morning tea, or pick up an old tea house in your spare afternoon and have some Cantonese snacks. Relax completely and experience a pure “tea culture” in Guangzhou.

A sigh of morning tea, enjoying a person’s time alone, or a warm and lively everyone, are the best embodiment of the slow life of Cantonese style.

★ & nbsp; go to the Arctic village to see the snow

In the snow covered village, there are small houses covered with thick snow, and the orange lights in the houses.

On a clear night, you can see the sky like a curtain, with bright stars.

★ & nbsp; go to Nara to feed fawn

When the cherry blossom season is in full bloom, the trees are full of cherry blossoms like the snow and the clouds, while the deer are like the spirits in the forest, taking a rest or selling cute food, which is full of romance, nature and harmony.

Enjoy the wonderful experience surrounded by fawn for a while, as if you are in the fairy tale world.

★ & nbsp; go to Turkey to take a hot-air balloon together

Turkey always gives people a romantic and mysterious feeling, which makes everyone who has not arrived eager.

Sit on the hot air balloon, fly across the sky, look at everything at your feet from the perspective of God, and suddenly realize that the world is so beautiful.

★ & nbsp; take a small train to Sri Lanka

The train started, cool and pure mountain wind came.

Facing the sea, blowing the sea breeze, as if crossing into the world of thousand and thousand.

★ & nbsp; go to Venice to shuttle the waterways together

In the wave light, riding a piece of boat, accompanied by the boatman’s melodious Italian folk song hum, forget the existence of time.

The beauty of any building here is inseparable from water. In Venice, you are like standing on the stage where you are performing. The classical music played by the musicians on the roadside is like playing soundtrack.

★ & nbsp; go scuba diving in xianbenna

If you bury your head in the water, you can see countless mysterious and beautiful underwater creatures.

The amazing Blue Glass Sea can’t tell whether it’s the sky or the sea. Just sit on the boat and swing with the wind. Your heart is drunk.

Make travel a precious memory of each other

Let’s grow old together

Everyone has several trips in his life

These 15 places are suitable for travel with good friends

Go crazy when you’re free

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