Is Seoul the same as Beijing?

A660201 strolling in Korean market (IV) a660202

Seoul and Beijing are the capitals of their respective countries. The two big cities seem to have a lot in common. They are both “the first block”. They also have buildings like birds and eggs. A603首尔与北京一样吗? is the same as Beijing. Seoul is also an ancient and modern city. But the local people are not afraid of the rain, because Seoul after the rain can not become Venice 首尔与北京一样吗? however, the subway density in Seoul was still astonished. Although Beijing subway is ahead of all cities in the country, it is still dwarfed by Seoul A 6033 a 60205 a 60206 a 6033 in front of Seoul, Beijing Capital Airport is even worse. Xinhua acknowledged that “China’s on-time rate of flights is the lowest in the world.” a603首尔与北京一样吗? a603 is no match for Seoul and Beijing in terms of traffic jams, especially walking along Hanjiang Avenue from Incheon Airport or Jinpu airport, the whole road is full of modern and Kia A603首尔与北京一样吗?
Koreans have “patriotic” capital. The premise of boycotting Japanese goods is that domestic goods can make people feel relieved and proud. Otherwise, it’s better to resist fake goods than Japanese goods A603首尔与北京一样吗? the police around the presidential palace in qingwatai are at least more strict than those in other places in terms of appearance requirements, which is equivalent to the Chinese national flag guard team and a part of the national image;

There are still well preserved Hanwu villages in the old urban area of 首尔与北京一样吗? a603首尔与北京一样吗? Seoul. These traditional style, simple and beautiful dwellings have become the dwellings that tourists from all over the world are competing to experience A 6033 a 6033 a 60212 a 6033 Sanqing cave is just in the bustling central area of Seoul. It is not far from the bustling east gate and South Gate market, but it is unique in the bustle.

A 6033 a 60213 a 6033 quiet cafe, may be the favorite place for the petty bourgeoisie. This is in sharp contrast to the civilian market mainly composed of middle-aged and old women

South Korea is also a country that likes to apply for world cultural heritage. Although it has not been destroyed by China’s Cultural Revolution in modern times, the Korean War has destroyed a lot

After the Korean War, South Korea is still a very poor country, but in just a few decades, it has leapt into the list of developed countries. However, the northern part of the peninsula is still very poor, and two social systems,
, have resulted in the double nature of the north and the south of the Korean Peninsula. When Chinese tourists go to the north, they laugh at the local predicament. When they go to the south, they rush to the duty-free shop to buy the a603 首尔与北京一样吗? a603 “Korean wave”. From popular culture to clothing and food, the soft power of South Korea is much stronger than that of Confucius Institute. The a603 首尔与北京一样吗? a603 Chinese are not new to the sweat curtain. The blooming “Quan Jin Cheng bathing center” ”It’s a copy of it. Sauna is part of Korean culture.

meals are generally not included in the basic ticket, with a bath of 15000 yuan, equivalent to more than 80 yuan. Finally, the price is not more expensive than that of similar bath centers in China In the evening of a603首尔与北京一样吗?, the eastern gate, which was dyed red by the sunset, was under the spotlight. Some clothing wholesale malls even opened all night, and they were operated at the wrong time A603a6021 the Rose Square, which is made up of ten thousand white lights, is believed to be a place where the Milky way falls for nine days. No matter micro or Hongguang, South Korea has a lot to learn from.


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