Italy, San Marino Venice Rome self driving tour (I)

Italy may be the dream of every traveler.

If you are looking for history, famous food, friendly people or lively music, Italy is definitely one of the most exciting and romantic European destinations.


You can rent a car in Venice, then indulge in Italy’s 1255 km road trip, all the way through San Marino to Rome. Quietly tell you that San Marino is one of the smallest independent countries in the world.

It’s easy to drive in Italy because the roads are very good and there are signs everywhere.


Venice to Rome road trip

Italian road travel cities:

Venice, Ferrara, Ravenna, San Marino, Urbino, funho, Assisi, Amalfi, Positano, Pompeii, Rome and the Vatican.


It is almost impossible to visit Italy without paying attention to its rich historical heritage. This part of Europe is the cradle of Etruscan civilization, great Greece, Roman Empire, Holy See, maritime Republic, humanism and Renaissance.

How long does the road trip take in Italy?

It’s all up to you. This trip can be adjusted according to your preference and travel speed. If I can do it in only 10 days – because the distance between cities is not far. If you decide to finish the trip in two weeks, you can visit other places along the way.


Italian San Marino Venice Rome road trip

Because of the region, you don’t have to arrange the route, just know where you want to go, and then drive straight! For example, go to San Marino, the Amalfi coast or the ancient city of Pompeii.


1- Venice

Venice was built around 528, from 697 to 1797. It is the capital of the Republic of Venice for 11 centuries. Because it is located on a lagoon, between the entrance of the Po River and the Piaf River, Venice is famous for its unique characteristics, as well as its architectural and cultural heritage. Venice and its lagoon are listed as world cultural heritage by UNESCO.


2- Ferrara

Ferrara can be traced back to the 14th century under the este family. I visited estance castle, cathedral and other beautiful places around the city. What is not to be missed is to go through the old streets. The Renaissance city of Ferrara and its wave delta are listed in the world heritage list by UNESCO.


3- Ravenna

Ravenna is a city with a long history and beautiful historic sites. The city is famous for its Byzantine monuments, which have unique medieval mosaics. Piazza del Popolo square in the center of the city is very beautiful. Ravenna early Christian monument has been listed in the world heritage list by UNESCO.


4 – San Marino

San Marino is one of the smallest countries in the world (ranking fifth); the oldest existing sovereign country in the world; the oldest republic in the world (starting around 300 AD); one of the highest GDP in the world; and the lowest unemployment rate among all European countries. So is San Marino a totally different place? No In fact, it looks and sounds like Italy, just like Italy around it. Unlike the kingdoms of Genoa and Venice, San Marino’s autonomy survived centuries of Italian conquest. San Marino is the capital of Italy. It is a medieval settlement built on the Titano mountain. The scenery here is absolutely the best in San Marino. San Marino historical center and Titano mountain are listed in the world heritage list by UNESCO.


5 – Urbino

During my self driving trip to Italy, Urbino gave me a big surprise. The typical brick houses and the incredible palace of the Duke made Urbino’s trip worthwhile. The city became the main military and scientific center of the Italian Renaissance. The museum displays the works of Piero della Francesca, Raphael, Titian, Pedro beirugate and Paul uchero. One of my favorite places is the lecture hall in San Giovanni Battista, where the 15th century frescoes of Lorenzo salimbeni are displayed. Urbino historical center is listed in the world heritage list by UNESCO.



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