It’s warmer in Harbin than in the South

When it comes to Harbin, most people think of one word: cold.

In fact, if you have stayed in the South and Harbin, you will find that the winter in the south is colder.

It is said that the winter in the north is a physical attack, while the winter in the south is a magic attack.


The cold in Harbin is different from that in the south,

Although it is cold in winter in Harbin, you need to wear thick down clothes when you go out,

But when you enter the room, you can wear short sleeves to eat popsicles. Why? Why?

Just because Harbin has the floor heating and heating!

And there is also a hot Kang that burns ji’o even if you don’t pad a thick quilt!


But this kind of high equipment is not needed in the winter in the south

We southerners spend the winter, they are all indoor warm little bird cage

Plus two thick quilts to wrap themselves like silkworms

In this way, they will shiver in cold, let alone eat popsicles indoors with short sleeves

I’m afraid it’s not too long


It’s winter, too. God is fair

The temperature of Harbin in winter is 30 or 40 degrees below zero,

Harbin people don’t dare to snivel when they get out of the door

Because if you don’t wipe it in time, the old man will give you a quick freeze to keep it fresh

In winter, southerners do not dare to wipe their noses. They can only keep their dignity by sniffing

Why don’t you ask me? Because I dare not, dare not take out my pocket when I have a little temperature!


God is fair, but our winter equipment supply is not fair

As a southerner, I said: I am so sour

He was born in Harbin in the winter of minus thirty or forty degrees,

Sitting by the window, wearing short sleeves, eating popsicles and watching the snow

Why do I have to hold a quilt in a small southern city and rely on “bird cage” to keep warm?

I don’t care! I also want to experience a popsicle with short sleeves in the snowy winter!

Isn’t it easy to experience? The South can’t be satisfied. Let’s go to Harbin for a show

Can’t you just experience it?


Quietly tell you, I went to experience it in January this year and watched the ice sculpture

And I’m going to play again in December

By the way, the heating in the hotel room on central street is really good!



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