Kaoshan Road, let you feel the hottest night in Thailand

In the tourism strategy, many people will mention such a place as Kaoshan Road, which is known as the paradise of backpackers. This is a path about 10 meters wide and 200 meters long, crowded with countless night market food stalls, bars, bookstores, inns, cafes, hotels and so on, with bright lights and bustling. Thailand’s tourist guide describes Kaoshan Road, which is a sleepless road. Kaoshan road is located near the old city of Bangkok, Thailand. Many Westerners come to Asia for the first time or many Chinese go abroad for the first time from Kaoshan road.


In the evening, at the most charming moment of Kaoshan Road, the sun in Thailand has been baked for a day, making people drowsy. However, people who have just completed the day’s journey are becoming very hungry, and they start to look for delicious food. People who come back to Bangkok from the beach will think about what they can eat at night to feel the local enthusiasm and characteristics? Backpackers choose lively bars as well as gourmet shops. Hawkers start their daily work. Like many food streets in China, this cart is transformed into a small food stall, which seems to emerge from the ground. There are many kinds of night markets in the middle of the road. There are stir fried noodles and fruits with Thai flavor. Eggs and seafood are added at will. Of course, money is needed. Stir fry the pan for a few times. It’s full of a large bowl. It’s very delicious It’s delicious, and the authentic Thai classic food is pineapple rice and mango rice. Many Westerners will be conquered by delicious food when they come here.


Kaoshan road is very noisy, but there is also a gentle side. The bar and cafe on the street are almost integrated with the crowded road. The bar consumption is very economic. A bottle of beer is about ten to twenty yuan. Thai massage, which many people want to try, is a way to relax and relieve fatigue, and the price is 1 / 3 of that in China. Of course, you can watch all kinds of performances. Although there is no indulgence of Pattaya and Phuket in Kaoshan Road, it is also very lively. Many people say, “there is everything foreign tourists want in Kaoshan road”, because it will make people crazy 。


After the noisy night carnival, the next day, the street was cleaned clean, and the road was full of vehicles carrying passengers. A group of tourists set out from here to the airport to other places to play, and then more new tourists came to Kaoshan Road, repeating the year after year’s bustle, which is the necessary Kaoshan road to Thailand.

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