Meet Chiang Mai, Thailand, heaven on earth, this life can not be missed

When I came to Thailand for a trip, many people didn’t understand why I chose Chiang Mai. They asked me why I didn’t choose Bangkok instead of Phuket instead of all kinds of islands. When I was a child, I was curious about which city it was. I found that it was Chiang Mai by chance. I wanted to go there from that moment on, and I dreamed of my own trip. Unfortunately, I still have such courage Qi!

The very popular “lost in Thailand” made Chiang Mai known to more Chinese people. During this trip, I met many Chinese people. Different from the crowded Bangkok, Chiang Mai can make us feel the rare leisure and quiet.


The chedi the chedi was formerly known as the far British Consulate. Although the whole building has been rebuilt a lot, it still shows the nostalgic style of the colonial years. Five star service, three-star price, recommend! It’s also where the film “the disciples” was shot.


The leisure at the moment is the result of an hour and a half of motorcycle exposure! Because my husband was on the wrong road, he couldn’t get a good sun at noon. When he arrived at the chedi, he was late to join the two beauties in the company, and he was tired, thirsty and sunburnt

part2— the oasis spa

It’s not uncommon to feel the spa when I come here. My husband found this spa hall on my way to search for I berry. Unexpectedly, it’s a famous star club in the area. The environment inside is very good. As the afternoon booking is full, we can only book at night. Unexpectedly, when we are ready to leave, the front desk asked us to leave the contact address and telephone number to say that we would send a car to pick us up for spa. The service is very good.

Since the time to pick us up was 10 minutes later than the reservation, we were also given half an hour as a gift. The price is 1900b2 hours per person. Very good enjoyment, highly recommended to you!


The path leading to the reception hall is so original!


The environment inside is better. It’s a 2-person independent suite with a great bathroom. You can see the stars in the sky when you take a shower, and you can steam the sauna after you take a bath. It’s great! Be sure to experience it


Part3 the pigeons of tapperman

Before I arrived in Chiang Mai, I told my friends about the pigeons in tapermen and said that I must come to this place to feed them. Ha ha ha. On the first day, I couldn’t find this place. On the second day, I found a pigeon on the way to the sun!!!! Found tapperman!!! So immediately call my husband to stop the car! It’s a coincidence that I still had the fish cake!! Can feed pigeons!! It can be said to be a kind of fate arrangement, I met them!! Ha ha ha


Part 4 Hotel

The hotel is booked in Agoda. We highly recommend this hotel because of its enthusiastic service! Enthusiasm!

This hotel is a combination of coffee shop, clean bar and a restaurant. It’s on nimahanming Road, with good geography and delicious breakfast. If you’re tired in the evening, you can listen to music in the open-air clean bar downstairs. The room is clean and tidy, with a large kitchen and balcony.

There is a small map of Chiang Mai in the reception hall of the hotel. It’s the card beside the mineral water on the map. It’s a hotel card folded up and a map of Chiang Mai opened. It’s very convenient to carry.


It’s a restaurant in the daytime and Xiaoqing in the evening. The picture shows the couple that I admire very much. I hope that when we get to this age, we will still travel together


In the restaurant in the evening, you can go up and sing a song if you like. Ha-ha


Our breakfast, two people add up to more than 200 B, RMB is about 50.


Part-5 old town

There are many big and small temples in the old city of Chiang Mai, and we are also in a hurry. What impresses me most is qidilong temple, which was shocked at first sight. Unfortunately, I didn’t fully reflect its beauty in my lens.



Chiang Mai University is not as beautiful as expected. It feels like a park, but it has seen many beautiful women. Compared with the Thai native beauties in China and the United States, they are not black at all. They are white, clean, tall and thin. It’s a pity that I didn’t get…


Part-8 Chiang Mai night market and Riverside Restaurant

I think the local climate is still relatively dry. When I arrive at the night market, wearing contact lenses, I have obviously felt the dryness of my eyes, but I can only go back to the hotel early, just like I didn’t go shopping. But I bought the soap flower I wanted to buy and drank the fresh juice. It’s not a trip.


It’s recommended to have dinner at Riverside Restaurant on the Meiping river. It’s a pity that we went too late. The business of this shop is very good. The positions near the river are full, but we can only eat in the inner hall. However, when we eat in the inner hall, we can feel the old man’s singing with his guitar, and it’s very leisurely.


Travel Introduction

1. Hotel Reservation: Agoda Hotel Name: Baiyoke ciao Hotel

2. Air ticket reservation: Official Website of Air Asia

Plane meals need to be booked first. It’s not as bad as you think. It’s OK.


3. Motorcycle rental service: just make a reservation at the front desk of the hotel. The renter will come to the hotel to pick you up. The 100b can be filled up. There is a lot of gas after driving for 2 days.

4. The oasis Spa: it’s hard to describe in detail in NIMA Hamming road. You can find it by asking the local people or the front desk of the hotel.

5. Taxi: there is a reservation point for taxi at the airport, tell the address, and then reserve a small ticket to wait at the door


6. Phone card: pay attention to it when leaving the airport. There is a free true move card. There is a special iPhone card without cutting the card. The charge of 120b is enough for several days, and the phone fee left the airport is not used up.


7. Currency exchange: the airport has a window for currency exchange. In fact, there is no need to exchange too much baht in advance. There are also a lot of ATMs in the city of Chiang Mai, which require a handling fee of 50B.

8. Travel: except for renting motorcycles or taxis, the main means of transportation are two cars and Tutu cars, which need to be negotiated. It’s usually 20b per person. It’s hard to see a taxi downtown! Generally, taxis need to be booked in advance. Booking service is generally available in hotels.


9. It is recommended that I buy a sunscreen from 7-11, which is light in texture, not enough in sunscreen effect, and relatively breathable

In addition to the places mentioned in my travels, such as Pai County, elephant riding and Tiger Zoo are all very worthwhile places to visit, because there is no plan to go to these places due to the limited time of this trip.


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