Mobile CPU performance ranking, is your mobile still online?

A strong heart is very important when buying a mobile phone. CPU determines the performance, experience, speed and maintenance rate of mobile phone

So let’s take a look at which is better and which phones are not recommended.

Here is the latest mobile phone CPU performance ladder


The first camp is the processor of Apple A13, Xiaolong 855, Xiaolong 855plus and Kirin 990 in the first camp, with strong performance. It can only be carried on flagship phones of major mobile phone manufacturers. The price is also relatively high.




The second camp are apple A12, apple a11, Xiaolong 845 and Qilin 980, which can fully meet the daily needs of most consumers. It is widely used in sub flagship phones and old flagship phones of various mobile phone manufacturers.

The third tier is apple A10, apple a9x, Xiaolong 835, Kirin 970 and above. It is generally installed on the midrange computers of various mobile phone manufacturers, with relatively sufficient daily use. It is also the processor camp with the largest share in the mobile phone market at present.

Do you know where your mobile processor performance is? Welcome to comment area.


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