Netdata installation of JMeter’s Linux performance real-time monitoring tool (1)

In the performance test, the server-side resource monitoring indicators must be analyzed. Generally, the conventional resource indicators are CPU, memory, disk, network, etc., while our common tools are basically Linux command-based, such as top, vmstat, iostat, SAR, nmon, etc. if you want to have a graphical interface, you may use nmon. Today we share an open-source Linux performance monitoring Test real-time tool: netdata.

Netdata is a distributed, real-time, performance monitoring system and applications. It is a highly optimized monitoring agent installed on all systems and containers. With high speed and efficiency, netdata is designed to run permanently on all systems (physical and virtual servers, containers, Internet of things devices) without interrupting its core functions.

The key is that it’s visual and easy to install.


Install netdata

1. The following dependencies need to be installed before installation

[root@test ~]# yum install zlib-devel gcc make git autoconf autogen automake pkgconfig

2. Download and install netdata (root permission is required). Here we can directly use the clone source code

[root@test  ~]# git clone –depth=1

[root@test  ~]# cd netdata

[root@test  ~]# ls

3. Run the “netdata installer. Sh” script to install netdata

[root@test ~]# ./

4. Netdata has been installed successfully. Finally, the ports in the firewall are set as follows

[root@test ~]# firewall-cmd –permanent –add-port=19999/tcp


[root@test ~]# .firewall-cmd –reload


5. Direct access address: http: / / localhost: 19999, the main interface can be opened. 19999 is the default port, which can be configured in the configuration file (/ etc / netdata / netdata. Conf under the netdata installation directory). The following is the effect after opening

&Nbsp; 6. Command to start and shut down the service (English description will be provided after the installation is successful)

&Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; A. close (install successfully and open by default) kill netdata

&Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; B, enable & nbsp; / user / SBIN / netdata

&7. Sinochem

Copy four files under the address to this path, and refresh the address directly without restarting,


See link:

The effect of sinicization, but in fact, is not all Sinicization.


Encounter problems

1. Run. / to report an error

Resolution: we need to install another package to resolve this error. Run the following command to install the required packages.

yum install libuuid-devel -y

3. Run. / to prompt:

Sorry, you do not seem to have autotools 2.60 or later, which is

required to build from the git sources of netdata.

Solution: the Autotools tool needs to be installed, see the address:

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