Norway: a country blessed by God

Recently, it was painted by Ginkgo biloba in ancient Guanyin Temple of Xi’an

This ancient ginkgo has been forwarded 56000 times on foreign social networks


See this colorful ancient tree

Let siqingjun think of Norway with the same natural landscape


Compared with Denmark, Sweden, Finland and other Nordic countries, Norway does not seem to have any well-known brands. When it comes to Norway, people think of some original ecological labels —— Aurora, harbor, Norwegian forest


(both Tromso and the roverton islands are good places to watch the aurora.)


(Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger are all famous port cities)

Compared with other European countries, Norway gives us very little impression. But after learning about this country, siqingjun fell in love with it immediately, so he decided to write such an article to let you know about Norway~


Norway has one of the most winding coastlines in the world. There are large and small islands along the coast. It is called “the country of thousands of islands”. It is such a country that relies on aquaculture and fishery as its economic pillar. In the eyes of Europeans, it is simply a representative of “do not want to forge ahead”. But in 1969, Norway found oil, and suddenly changed from “poor people” to “Dubai in Europe”, leading a good life of “dream, get nothing for nothing”. After all, oil is a kind of thing that can be encountered but can not be asked!


In the past decade, Norway’s per capita GOP has ranked the top three in the world; the United Nations “global human development index” ranks first; Norway has been rated as the most livable country by the United Nations for six consecutive years since 2001; in 2017, Norway was rated as the “happiest country in the world” by the United Nations.


Why are Norwegian people so happy?

I think it comes from their love for nature

Young people in Norway yearn for something deeper

Adventure, exile, freedom, nature


Modern skiing was invented by Norwegians


The preaching stone is rated as the most spectacular scenery in the world by CNN.


Also located in Luther Fjord, “the touchstone of courage”, more than 1000 meters in the air.

Norway is also the largest oil producer in Western Europe

The third largest oil exporter in the world

Second only to Saudi Arabia and Russia

Maybe it’s also because of their deep love for nature

That’s why they’re in God’s favor

In exchange for precious natural resources such as “oil” and “natural gas”


There may be many people wondering

Why is Norway not like other countries

It’s the same as a country that got rich overnight because of oil

Social unrest

There’s no Dutch disease

Or do you hang around like you used to?


The main reason is that Norway has set up an oil fund, putting the money from oil sales in the fund first and then using it finally. At present, the oil fund has exceeded US $1 trillion, which is the largest of the world’s sovereign wealth funds. Because Norwegians strictly abide by the general rules of distribution, they only use 4% of the oil fund, which is really rare compared with the utilization rate of other Middle East countries (about 80%).


The beauty of scenery and people may be the biggest impression of siqingjun on Norway. But there are many interesting and strange points about Norway, such as the following:

No.1 export oil but import waste

Yes, you are not mistaken. Norway is such an incredible country. The import of garbage is due to the strong environmental awareness of Norwegians. They import garbage for incineration power generation, which is at the forefront of environmental protection in the world.


Norway has the largest number of electric vehicles per capita in the world. In order to encourage people to ride more bicycles, the government has also installed a special bicycle elevator, which has no environmental awareness~


No.2 driving to Sweden to buy vegetables

What? Buying a dish and going abroad, Norwegians are really good! But with such high prices, it’s possible to go to neighboring countries to buy vegetables. After all, even the chili needs 50 Jin, and the car needs 160 to wash, but it’s just a wash!!!


No.3 oil price: eight times of Saudi Arabia

Shocked? The world’s third largest oil exporter, with an average oil price of about 13.48 yuan / litre, is three times that of Russia and eight times that of Saudi Arabia (the world’s largest oil exporter). The high oil price is mainly due to the government’s punitive tax on gasoline in order to limit people’s consumption of oil. Through the high tax, Norwegians are not encouraged to use private cars.


No.4 “eating” the sea by the sea

For the reason of relying on the sea, although Norway’s price is high, the price of seafood is very close to the people. King crab, COD, salmon, etc. are all made into IKEA’s famous brand by Norway. In Norway, if you haven’t eaten fresh seafood just recovered from the sea, it’s too bad.


No.5 the king can also take part in the Olympic Games

Harald V loves outdoor sports and is good at skiing and sailing. He has participated in the Olympic sailing competition on behalf of Norway many times and has achieved the eighth place.


The king once vowed that if he was not allowed to marry the love of his life, he would never marry. Fortunately, he finally married his “love of life”. It seems that all the excellent people are devoted to love!

No.6 no death

According to Norwegian law, it is forbidden to die in the city of longire. Since the city of longire is only 1300 kilometers from the north pole, it is the northernmost city in the world. The temperature there is very low, and almost all of the ground is frozen. The body buried in the ground will not rot, and bacteria will not die. Therefore, the government has to ban the death in the city of longire.


Maybe Norway is such an enviable country. God’s preference allows them to enjoy their success, but in the final analysis, God’s preference is not without reason. Norway loves nature more than other countries. They have been closely interacting with nature since they were young. Their interests and hobbies come from nature, and their personalities are mostly influenced by nature.

Norwegians can’t separate themselves from nature, strictly abide by the rules, enjoy wealth without being confused by gold wealth. I think that’s Norway’s preference for nature~

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