How much do you know about ancient xinjiang? British explorers discovered the mulberry book, opened the millennium history

When it comes to Chinese inventions, one should never forget the four great inventions of ancient times, namely, paper making, compass, gunpowder and printing. These four great inventions not only greatly promoted the development of politics, economy and culture in ancient China, but also exerted a great influence on the history of world civilization. As […]

This ancient country in the western region is the center of Buddhism. Archeologists have discovered a mysterious site: the world’s smallest temple

Back to the millennium, under the kunlun mountains, the cele oasis, the clear current rippling, the trees whirling, the bustling camel caravan walking through this place, you can hear the spiritual sound echoed by the river, you can see a long corridor of Buddhism shrouded by auspicious clouds, the simple and deep, the realm of […]

Daolang tribe living in the desert, mysterious and ancient, is the escape of Mongolian noble slaves

Chinese land, multi-ethnic multi-tribal let us have countless ancient and mysterious civilization heritage. The daolang tribe, located in awati county, xinjiang, is a little-known and mysterious tribe. It is located in awati county of China cotton city, hometown of China’s mothalese, hometown of daolang culture and hometown of daolang farmers’ paintings. Daolang tribal scenic area, […]