Have you ever seen such a market in xinjiang? Reproduce the trade of the ancient country of western region, a fat sheep 700 pieces

In my travels, I have more than once or twice expressed the common sense between the bazaar and the museum. A city’s museum displays the city’s past and reflections on its future. A city’s market, although the public, common, even secular, but can highlight the city’s local customs, human warmth. In my eyes, the existence […]

There is a small jiangnan in xinjiang, which can be called “the first scenery outside the Great Wall”

What is your first impression of traveling in xinjiang? Deserts, gobi, snow mountains, lakes, grasslands, canyons? But no matter which kind of scenery, you may not be able to combine it with the southern sentiment together? Especially jiangnan. Yanquan mountain, a scenic spot on the edge of xinjiang’s tarim basin, is one such surprise. If […]

Have you ever eaten “sugar heart” apples? The wholesale price is 4.5 yuan per kilogram. Tourist: delicious and cheap

Xinjiang is rich in land and resources, not only with beautiful scenery, but also with delicious fruits. Due to the particularity of the geographical environment and the large temperature difference between day and night, the fruit in xinjiang is sweet and fragrant. In xinjiang, there is a saying: “turpan grapes hami melons, aksu apples everyone […]