Qingdao is an unforgettable City

A660201 ocean hot spring warm country tour (V)
a660202 a603 how many Russian and Ukrainian dancers make a living in China? We haven’t seen accurate statistics so far, but they are found in almost larger amusement parks

青岛是一个让人流连忘返的城市 in Haiquanwan hot spring resort of CTS in Jimo, the actors of large-scale music and dance “dream back to Qindao” are basically Russian and Ukrainian

of course, they play a love story between American and Chinese. One and a half hours of performance, but also mixed with magic show.

A 60205 a 6033 a 60206 golden persimmon harvest season, originally thought to be Qingdao tourism off-season. Unexpectedly, with the rise of hot spring cultural tourism, there is no peak season or off-season here.

A 60207 Mashan National Nature Reserve has a section of saddle shaped mountain with peculiar geological structure. Silicified wood is distributed in the sedimentary strata around Mashan, with a history of more than 100 million years

Under the specific conditions of high temperature, high pressure and oxygen cut-off, the wood fossils formed in 青岛是一个让人流连忘返的城市 are of great scientific research value. Columnar jointed rock group is one of the three wonders of rock group in the world, and Mashan 青岛是一个让人流连忘返的城市 not only has precious natural geographical relics, but also has rich cultural landscape. Such as Yuhuang hall, Qianfo cave, Huxian house, baiyun temple, Jimo doctor, etc.

out of Mashan, Qingdao Campus of Shandong University and the peninsula Blue Economic Zone along the aoshanwan coast show a thriving and fast-growing construction scene A 6033 a 60211 a 6033 grand blueprint shows the modernization, internationalization level and ecological economy demonstration direction of the new area. After watching the exciting promotional film, the audience was full of enthusiasm. A603青岛是一个让人流连忘返的城市 a603a603青岛是一个让人流连忘返的城市

came down Laoshan Bay from Jimo Hot spring town to the south, and walked slowly westward along the winding coastline. The Olympic Sailing Center wharf is one of the most prosperous centers in Qingdao

A 60214 a 6033 a 6033 a 60215 a 6033 has become the eighth largest airport in Qingdao, becoming an international seaport city loved by tourists from all over the country. Standing by the sea, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the a603a603青岛是一个让人流连忘返的城市
blue sea pearl. It is full of excited photographers who are waiting to leave the dock. However, after a cold wind, they all take photos


passes through blue harbors, with golden German spires and modern buildings appearing and retreating in turn, enjoying the dusk and night of Qingdao port.


青岛是一个让人流连忘返的城市 hongdouxiangsi, people who have come to Qingdao must want to come again for the second time! This beautiful and exotic coastal city is unforgettable


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