RogueTrader – The first arcade trading game in the App Store

Acespire is delighted to introduce RogueTrader, the first and unique stock market simulation app for iPhone, modelled with colourful arcade-like graphics. It is based on virtual randomly generated stock, which makes it very easy to play: just ‘buy’ if you think the stock will shoot up or ‘sell’ if you feel the opposite. The player has the option to buy virtual coins to be able to trade more stock at once.

The player embodies Mick, a young ambitious trader, which is eager to prove himself in the trading world. The game starts in Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and the player gets missions from his boss, to make a certain profit and gain experience in order to be transferred to a more interesting stock exchange. When trading, the user will accumulate experience that will also contribute to that extend. The more he climbs through stock exchanges, the more volatile is the stock, which means bigger potential wins – and losses!

RogueTrader will soon integrate with Game Center, feature a multi player mode and a more advanced game play, as well as an Android version. Acespire aims to attract trading platforms or other financial institutions to sponsor the app, or white label it as a promotional tool. RogueTrader has been released on 19th of September. The following week the app has reached the UK Top 100 in Finance category, and being featured #2 in Finance and #3 in Simulation.

RogueTrader 1.0 is a free application available in Europe and all English speaking countries, exclusively through the App Store in the Finance category.

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