Slidercrash – New puzzle-game with 60 fresh and mind-boggling levels

Independent developer, Joachim Mertens, is pleased to announce the release of Slidercrash, a challenging puzzle-game with 60 levels, retro-graphics and unlockable songs. Combine Sliders of the same color on a carefully designed retro playing-field. But the devil is in the details. Mirrors and rails redirect the Sliders, walls and rocks stop them, minds or the abyss let them meet their maker. And then there are the other Sliders…

The whole world of puzzlegames is under siege of boring f2p-games. The whole world of puzzlegames? No, a small team of game developers from Germany offers resistance against the hordes of barren games that are nothing more than occupational therapy. Instead, they challenge the brain. Do you really want to know if you are ready to solve next-gen-puzzles? We dare you to give Slidercrash a try.

We are proud of having developed a true mental exercise. On the first glance, it looks so easy: Slider of the same color must be brought together. But the true malice of the playing field is only revealed after numerous attempts. Like skinning an onion, the next perfidy is uncovered by the last.

Slidercrash is not made for babies who just wish to move colorful sweets back and forth. Slidercrash is made for professional mathematicians and people who want to be like them – and who are looking for the next brainteaser. Go ahead, be brave. Like we didn’t warn you.

Slidercrash 1.0 is now available on the Apple App Store in the Games category for free.

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