Flappies Hunter app: Kill the bird! Shoot those Flappies

Zyng LLC today is pleased to announce the release of Flappies(TM) Hunter 60 version 1.0 for IOS. No more pipes, no more flapping, the time has come to shoot those Flappies.

After the success of Flappy Bird, many apps appeared with similar mechanics to Mr. Nguyen’s creation. Users are going crazy with these diabolic games. We wanted to do something different and we created a simple shooting game that targets the Flappies. Simple physics, but maybe as diabolic and addictive as Flappy bird. In our selection window players can choose which one of the Flappies they want to shoot. We have some fun characters like PunkyBird, FlashyFish and Juggling Ball. Retro pixel characters that we are sure players will enjoy shooting. We are asking players to send us requests with their favorite Flappies to target. We will expand the selection window as we receive requests.

Flappies Hunter 60 is a timed base shooting game. Players have 60 seconds to bring down as many Flappies as they can. This game requires some thinking, because there are a limited number of bullets. The players will have to choose the targets carefully at the same time that they keep an eye in the clock. Those that get to 50 points will be rewarded with extra bullets. Depending on how much time is left in the clock, players may enjoy a rapid shooting in the last few seconds to greatly increase their score.

The 150 points perfect score requires patience, very good reflexes and fast tapping. None of us could make it. Is there a player out there that can?

Flappies(TM) Hunter 60 version 1.0 for IOS is free and available in the App Store in the Games Category.

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