Widget Revolt Announces Double Barrel

Go Ahead, Give ’em the Barrel. Double Barrel is the first in a series of ultra-retro arcade games for iOS, the Eight Bit Follies. Double Barrel is a classic shooter. With two cannons, there are endless birds to target across dozens of levels. With Game Center integration, bonus birds and extra points for expert shooting, Double Barrel is a game to play anywhere you find yourself. Play it any time you’ve got a little time.

Eight Bit Follies games are a series of free, ultra-retro games for iOS. New titles in the Eight Bit Follies series will be released every month in advance of our next major gaming title. “We have some great bonus content in our upcoming larger title,” says Brian Chen, co-founder of Widget Revolt. “They were so fun to play on their own, we decided to break out some mini games just to do it. There’s nothing to buy. They’re just addictive little games with an ultra-retro feel. We’re going to release a few on their own. If you want to play all of them, the rest of them will be in our next major title due out later this year. The bonus games in the larger title will only be available to players who score well.”

Double Barrel 1.0 is Free, ad-supported, and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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