Easily print from Microsoft Office apps on an iPad using Print n Share

EuroSmartz, the Number One Apple iPad & iPhone business app development company, today announced a quick and easy way to print to any printer from the new Microsoft Office apps using Print n Share.

Print n Share is one of the most versatile and popular printing apps on the App Store and has long had direct integration with Microsoft’s OneDrive (formally SkyDrive). It is because of this tight integration, customers can now quickly and easily print any document or file they make in the Microsoft office apps in just two taps. There is not even the need to download the document or file first – it can be printed directly from within OneDrive on the fly.

All of Microsoft’s iPad based Office apps have a feature that enables customers to auto-save documents, spreadsheets or presentations they create to OneDrive. Once finished editing, all the customer simply needs to do is open Print n Share, tap on OneDrive (SkyDrive), choose their file and tap print!

Print n Share supports printing to all printers, not just AirPrint printers. This means that even if a customer has older model printer, they can still take advantage of being able to print from any of the Microsoft Office apps on the iPad.

Ian Schenkel, CEO of EuroSmartz comments: “Print n Share is one of the top selling printing apps globally and was the original “over the air” document transfer, viewing & management apps. Now with the release of the new Microsoft Office apps for iPad, Print n Share again comes into its own by providing a quick and easy way to print documents & files to any printer. This more than ever means customers can fully utilize the mobility of an iPad and print while on the move.”

Pricing and Availability:
Print n Share 5.6.2 is currently available for USD $7.99, GBP 5.49 or Euro 6,99 from the App Store worldwide, ready for download at a competitive price to solve your printing needs from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

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