App to Connect Film Professionals and Movie Buffs to 45,000 Resource

Combining the passion for film and technology, editing and post production community AOTG Network is releasing a first of its kind digital magazine The Assembly 1.01, available through iOS App store and Google Play store.

Drawing from over 45,000 submissions of videos, articles, blogs and podcasts, The Assembly will be the first resource to present fully integrated multi-media capabilities for each article, connecting the reader to relevant supporting information with one touch, for a more in-depth and profound reading experience.

Says AOTG Network’s founder Gordon Burkell, “What we wanted to do with The Assembly is demonstrate the power of what is possible with the digital magazine format and highlight the ease of knowledge sharing technology provides. We wanted to make something that expanded the content from within each article and gave the reader a more interactive and engaging experience. Simple and elegant in design, The Assembly is the culmination of ideas shared with one another at your fingertips.”

Apart from covering a diverse range of subjects, including metadata, post professional tools, new theoretical ideas in film post, and technological updates, The Assembly will serve as a hub for members of the film community, industry professionals and experts – a communal space unavailable before. The magazine app is compatible with both, iOS and Android devices.

AOTG The Assembly 1.01 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the News category. The app is also available on Google Play.

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