Atelier for iOS: Draw, Sketch, Paint

We love drawings on iPad. We love to draw on iPhone. While touch interfaces of these devices are very good, still there’s a huge gap between raw touch points and svelte drawing lines. Zininworks is pleased to announce Atelier is here to fill this gap and help you create something beautiful.

Atelier is a new app for creating digital artwork. It is powerful and easy-to-use. The main point, striking the perfect balance between simplicity and functionality is deeply ingrained in its core.

Most drawing apps are rooted in desktop drawing application and have millions of brushes and settings; spacing, jitter, flow, rotation, hardness, and more. It’s quite overwhelming to draw a single line on these complex apps, constantly thinking if one is using the right setting.

On the other end, there are a few apps with minimal interface – or no interface at all. It’s good for concentrating on drawing itself, but often confusing without visible UI. So we reimagined what is really needed for touchscreen art.

Rather than overloading tons of settings into precious screen real estate, Atelier offers highly refined 5 brushes; Air, Marker, and Water for adding colors to the canvas; Blender for smudging; and Eraser for subtracting. All brushes are meticulously tuned, so you just tap a brush, adjust width or opacity slider, then it’s ready to draw. Eschewing complicated settings, all brushes and sliders are shown on the main toolbar. Each brush remembers its width and opacity, so switching brushes is easy and fast.

It is straightforward to navigate around a canvas, too. Zooming and panning with two fingers are as easy and intuitive as the stock photo app. Full screen layer management is obvious and simple. Moving, merging, changing blend modes and opacity; All functions are visible and attached to each layer so that you can easily manipulate the layer. (And everyone loves subtle motion effects, no?)

In case you are not sure that those tools are enough to create great artworks, check out Gallery, an online gallery full of great paintings created with Atelier.

Atelier 1.0.3 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category. We’re offering In-App Purchase just for Unlock All. With free download, all features – except Water, are available and you can edit up to 7 canvases at a time.

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