Peepme Launches Mobile Application to Expand The Reach of Social Network

As the Internet turns 25 this month, the focus on the power of social media has intensified. Social media is now the number one activity for adults online, and we use social media networking throughout every facet of our lives, including connecting with friends, looking for employment, sharing videos, and more. Now we have a new use for social networking. Entrepreneur Zeki Sever is proud to announce the release of Peepme, a new phone application that unleashes the power of social networking to connect people from around the world.

Peepme is a social network that allows users to share their lifestyle with other people. By registering for Peepme, users will have the opportunity to publish photographs of products and services they purchased and let everyone in their Facebook timeline know how much they spent. Communicating through social networking is popular everywhere around the world. Peepme makes the world that much smaller by letting people get to know each other with conversation-starting pictures. Users can chat with each other through the app, giving everyone another fun way to connect. Another great feature is the ability to comparison shop by learning what other people paid for a product or service. “Sharing purchases is fun and informative,” said Zeki Sever. “Now everyone can see what you buy and how much you invested, which will help them find the best price, give them new ideas and even help them get to know you better.”

Peepme puts the user in the drivers’ seat for getting product reviews, photographs and price information within seconds. Users can view information in a variety of ways. The search button enables searching from high to low spending, low to high spending, by monthly expenditures or lets you see everything at once. Peepme has a sleek interface that is easy to read and enables live chat between individuals. The application, which is optimized for iPhone 5.0, is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iTouch. Users can register with Peep Me on their Facebook page.

Peepme 1.2 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

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