Revealr is New and Exciting Way to Meet People via Voice

When 19th century poet and author Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said that “the human voice is the organ of the soul,” he couldn’t have dreamed that more than 150 years later his words would be the perfect way to introduce the world to Revealr, a patent-pending and truly unique, exciting and fun new app from Revealr Software Limited that lets people around the world meet using their voice. Available at no-cost and with no advertising of any kind, Revealr lets users:

* Simply sign-in via their Facebook account
* Upload a photo, which is then automatically pixelated by the app to protect their identity
* Record a custom 20-second audio message – they can introduce themselves, tell a joke, list a few hobbies, or anything else that captures their personality
* Browse through various profiles and “listen” for other users who capture their interest

Once users find a potential match, they simply tap “Yes” or swipe right on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. If a match is made, the profile pictures are un-pixelated, and both users are free to chat and start a great new friendship or, perhaps, experience something even more special and intimate.

Plus, users concerned about their privacy can be assured that they remain completely anonymous until a match is made. They also never have to worry about having unsolicited messages posted to their or their friends’ walls.

“Longfellow said that the voice is the organ of the soul, and we believe that the voice is more than half of beauty!” commented Guy Harrington of Revealr Software Limited. “And the best way to experience this is through our new app. It’s the perfect way for people to be liked for who they really are, instead of being pre-judged by how they look. It’s fun, safe, exciting and addictive – and it’s the only app like it in the entire world!”

Revealr 1.2 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category.

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