Traveling Lighter, Reading For Free

Inflight Digital LLC today is proud to announce the rollout of the Inflight Reader app for iPads, Kindle Fire HDs and Android tablets. This free app senses when users are in more than 500 airports across the US and select international locations. Inflight Reader unlocks a library of magazine titles for users to download to their devices within 24 hours, so they can bring their favorite magazines from the terminal to the flight and beyond. All the content is free to read for the first 24 hours. Users who want to continue reading longer can buy the single issue within the app; the magazines’ electronic editions also feature subscription links to the app stores.

“Seasoned travelers may recall the days when magazine racks adorned terminals stacked with free magazines,” said InFlight Digital CEO Ed Young. “We’ve brought the rack back in digital magazine form.”

Inflight Digital’s principals have deep publishing and technology ties. Young was a cofounder of The Source magazine; David Maisel was co-founder of Waiting Room Subscription Services, the company that brings magazines to doctors’ offices far and wide; Dan Goldman is a Next Computer alum; and Carl Sharif, a New York Times alum.

“My team and I believe that the best technology allows you to do what you are already doing, but in an easier and better way,” Young said. “Our Inflight Reader app does that in a number of ways. You can read for free, discover titles that you might never have found otherwise, and in the grand scheme of things maybe planes will have less weight so less fuel is used. It really is a program where everybody wins.”

Inflight Reader 1.3 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Travel category.

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