Drive Help – Your Best Driving Buddy

Are you looking for a perfect app for the road? Look no further! Drive Help is a simple tool that will quickly become your best driving companion with its superb trip computing features. However, that’s not its main strength. With ease you can report police patrol locations and receive reports from other users shown in a radar-like display. Just knowing the location of police patrols increases the drivers level of caution so – help us in our effort to make the roads a bit safer for everyone.

Key features: Away with those bulky speedometer apps that provide you with dozens of data types that have absolutely no practical application while driving. We took the drivers’ feedback into consideration and engineered the right combination of relevant information. Enough to keep you informed, but not overwhelmed with unnecessary data.

Users are able to track their trip duration, current, average and max. speed, travel expenses and much more. With Drive Help users can report police patrols and speed traps while, at the same time, see reports from other users within seconds – completely effortless. If there is a need for you to interact with the app, good thing to know is that every interaction requires only one touch.

Another great thing is the data consumption optimisation. And what an optimisation it is! Using an advanced location prediction and compression methods we are proud to say that one whole day of Drive Help usage will consume as little traffic as downloading a medium sized picture from the internet. So, no matter what the data plan you’re on, Drive Help will not be a burden at all.

Drive Help features a very intuitive alerting system, so it warns drivers in a discrete audible and visual way. Driver will be alerted appropriately but not distracted at the same time.

The power of community:
First few weeks after the initial release have been great for Drive Help. We introduced a completely free user based police reporting tool for both iPhones and iPads and the community responded enthusiastically! Users are popping up from all over the globe and sharing traffic data with ease – just like we imagined it.

Heartwarming feedback:
One of the favorite things about Drive Help is reading user stories about how Drive Help helps people in their everyday lives. Since our target audience is obviously drivers, we receive so much words of praise that we feel like a little angel network looking out for you on the road.

Seriously though, we helped a large number of drivers in not just avoiding police patrols and paying fines but we ensured that the roads are a little bit safer since you’re on guard a little bit more when you know there’s a traffic police patrol nearby.

Drive Help is made with simplicity in mind, so it’s user interface does not contain any excess information. Interaction with the app is very simple, based on one touch so it does not distract the user while driving. Alerting module is very intuitive so you will be warned properly about the risks on the road reported by other users.

* Simple Personal Trip Computer
* Track your trip duration, distance, average, maximum and current speed
* Set up fuel price, currency and fuel consumption so you can track your travel expenses
* Report police patrols on the road and see reports from other users
* Available in metric and imperial measures, so you can use Drive Help all over the world

Drive Help 1.1.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Travel category. Try Drive Help for free, join our driving community and experience your journey in a whole new way.

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