Tile Runner – Addictive Tile Tapping Game for iOS Released

NewClear today is thrilled to announce the release of Tile Runner 1.0 for iOS, a game where users have to make their way to the goal by quickly tapping red tiles and avoiding yellow ones. Based on the recent Japanese hit tile tapping game, Tile Runner boasts same addictive gameplay everyone is so hooked on, but totally refurbished cheerful graphics and a clear set of rules. There are two modes in Tile Runner:

Time Attack:
A great way to test one’s reaction, accuracy and fast tapping skills, Time Attack is all about how quickly you can cover the 50 steps to the finish line without tapping the wrong tiles. The high scores of other players take excitement to a new level.

The faster you go, the more time you have in this challenging mode. This one is quite tricky, as players should mind where to step: one step on the wrong-colored tile and the game is over.

Tile Runner is a game of competition, and players are encouraged to share their score in a number of ways: via GameCenter, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

“Tile Runner is simple and lacks sophisticated features, yet it’s truly challenging and addictive,” says Sviatlana Abrosimova, the CEO of NewClear. “We believe that games like this are the future of casual gaming, and latest trends among mobile players only prove this idea. We hope users will appreciate the effort we put in this game; meanwhile, our team will work hard to create more beautiful and entertaining apps.”

Tile Runner 1.0 is Free and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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