Haypi Monster 1.6.1 for iOS – An Enjoyable Adventure

Shanghai, China – A new major update of Haypi Monster has been released! Haypi Co., Ltd. is the creator of Haypi Kingdom, Haypi Dragon, Haypi Pirates, Haypi Monster and Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower.

The mobile games developer Haypi Co., Ltd. has been constantly improving their MMORPG for iOS and Android – Haypi Monster. It is an EDU game where players can collect hundreds of monsters while they pass through exciting adventures. The new version 1.6 includes lots of content added to the game, while its further updated version 1.6.1 mostly contains improvements on multi-language display and game tasks. There is also an adjustment the amount of EXP. & Money, specifically, these obtained through Thorny Forest Team Mode.

With the new big update version 1.6, a whole new scene, called Deadly Desert, has been introduced to the game. The in-game content has been enriched with the addition of four uncommon monsters – Gralf, Bush, Boomie, and Booma. Gralf’s back is lush with evergreen grasses; however, its neck is too short to reach them. As for Bush, his back is covered all over by thick bushes. When he frowns, the eyes are wide open, thus intimidating its enemies. Boomie and Booma are grumpy. Those who don’t stay away from them are blown to pieces!

Two epic monsters have also been introduced to the game. These are Needles and Bragga. Needles likes to roll itself into a ball. He has been timid and shy since birth. He worries about unintentionally hurting others. Bragga is member of an exotic royal family. He boasts a lot about how resourceful and successful he used to be. In addition, the update features general optimization which makes the gameplay much smoother. A new mystery talent has been added – Thorn-III.

Several weeks ago the developer merged all Haypi Monster servers. All active players on some of the servers were relocated to new ones. The server merge was made in order to make the gameplay experience more exciting. Haypi Monster is an enjoyable adventure suitable for people of all ages and walks of life. It’s free for download and offers in-app purchases. Now the newest version of the game offers a nice smooth gameplay.

Haypi Monster 1.6.1 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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