NetSuxxess publishes Contract and Subscription Management App for iOS

NetSuxxess GmbH today is thrilled to announce the release of NetSuxxess Contracts 1.01, its new contract and subscription management app developed for iOS and Android. Millions of contracts exist without being actively managed. Losing track of contracts, subscriptions and cancellations costs consumers in the U.S. billions of dollars per year.

The GSA Federal Citizen Information Center recommends in its 2014 Consumer Action Handbook saving any information the seller gives to the consumer, such as order confirmation number, product description, delivery date, cancellation policy, privacy policy and warranties.

The new NetSuxxess Contracts app for iOS lets consumers keep a watchful eye on their contracts and subscriptions. The app allows consumers to have all documents at their fingertips. Now they can put their consumer rights into practice, e.g. cancel in time, make claims under guarantee or warranty clauses and save money.

The Florida Bar states: “If a contract provides a right of rescission, in order to cancel such a contract, you must give written notice of cancellation within the time provided by the contract or by law and it must be in the form required.” Often consumers fail to give notice in time because they lack an overview of their contracts and its deadlines. If they react late they often miss the required form, e.g. they only call the seller instead of giving written notice, and this also may cause severe problems proving the cancellation happened in time.

The Florida Bar continues: “Each year, Florida residents lose money because they do not understand contracts when they enter into them or what to do when the other side breaches the agreement. In many of these cases, the advice of a lawyer would have prevented the loss of money.”

Therefore the app also supports associating consultants with contracts. The consumer can easily contact the associated consultant by email, e.g. its lawyer or senior friends, and ask about advice.

“Consumers can easily become victims of large companies’ professional customer retention management when they lose track of their contracts and obligations,” explained Michael Kubert, CEO of NetSuxxess. “They end up with several contracts for the same service, or have forever prolonging subscriptions for things they don’t need more. Our app brings the consumer back on the driver’s seat. Contracts and subscriptions are the key to build private wealth and reduce debts.”

The app provides the following functions:
* Managing contracts, subscriptions and cancellations
* Managing relations with business partners and consultants
* Updating the status of each contract (e.g. “signed” or “to be cancelled”)
* Assigning a monetary value per period to each contract (e.g. 100 USD/month)
* Assigning critical dates to each contract (e.g. “prolongation date”)
* Attaching important contract pages to each contract (using Camera or Photos)
* Sending emails to business partners and consultants (e.g. for cancellation)

NetSuxxess Contracts 1.01 is $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Finance category. NetSuxxess Contracts supports several languages, including English, Spanish, French and German. There is also an Android version available at Google Play and Samsung Apps, and a Kindle version available at the Amazon App Store.

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