Dino Dash for iOS – A Free Game where you help Save the Dinosaurs

Dinosaur games are not new to the App Store. But the newest game from danish app developer Whyse stands out with beautiful graphics and soothing sounds. Dash the incoming meteors and help save the dinosaurs in the free game for iPhone and iPod touch. Choose between three dinos, or unlock the child-mode, where the dino never dies.

The gameplay is as simple as it is addictive. Choose a dino, tilt your device to avoid the meteors and catch the eggs of yet unborn dino-babies. Play against your Facebook friends or try to beat your own high-score. The music score is set to keep you in a dino dashing mood and the multiplayer feature allow for endless challenges with both random opponents or any dino-loving friends you might have handy.

During the development a number of rubber dinos were used to simulate the right dino dashing moves. Involving strings, dino and a camera the team even recorded a video of the process. The in-game dinosaurs are modelled as Styracosauruses (meaning “spiked lizard”) in three variants: The regular green, the strong and fat blue and the fast red. The Styracosaurus family is one of the most recognizable dinosaurs with its single protruding horn from the nose and a neck frill.

Dino Dash 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Got kids? Unlock the special child-mode dino, that never dies.

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