Puppy Paws for iOS: Helping you and your new puppy every step of the way

Puppy Paws is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of their new Puppy Paws iOS app. Finding a puppy can be quite a task; add to that all of the preparation that is needed to be ready, and that’s before the real work begins once you and your new puppy are at home together. The Puppy Paws app has been designed and developed to:

* Help potential puppy owners to compile and compare a list of puppies that may be suitable
* Prepare for the home coming day so they and their new puppy get off to the best start
* Offer ongoing support as you and your puppy settle in to a daily routine together

Puppy Paws also provides information to help educate new owners about the awful use of puppy farms and traders with an aim to help eradicate this practise whilst promoting better dog breeding in general.

“We analysed the steps that I take when communicating with potential owners of a new puppy” commented Jo Buck, Dog Owner, Hobby Breeder and Managing Director of My Dog’s Life. “When I am sure that they will make good owners for my puppies, I offer them lots of advice at various steps in the build-up to the collection day and of course once they have taken their new puppy home.”

“It was a throw-away comment that got the ball rolling! After searching for our own dogs over several years, we realised that finding the right puppy isn’t an easy task. We found ourselves preparing paper lists of potential puppies and the parents’ health tests which soon became spreadsheets that got bigger and bigger. Then once we’d found a puppy the same process started again as we prepared for them coming home. We were trying to digest all of the information that’s available in an aim to make sure we were really ready and that we hadn’t missed anything along the way.”

“Somewhere along the line, someone in my family said I wish there was an app for this! So the seed was sown. After much talking, planning, dog walking, re-planning, more talking, walking and prototyping, we finally managed to keep the ball rolling long enough to convert Puppy Paws from that seed to the fully functioning app that we are announcing today!”

So whether you are looking to adopt a young dog or puppy from a rescue shelter or you are considering buying a puppy from a reputable and responsible breeder, Puppy Paws helps every step of the way.

Puppy Paws 1.0.0 is free to download and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category. Two packs are available to access via In-App Purchase. Pack one gives access to ‘Puppy Preparation’ and ‘Puppy Pick-up’, and pack two gives access to ‘Puppy at Home.’

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