Tri-Add 1.0.1 released for iOS – Think You Understand Color?

Think you understand color? Cenode today is proud to announce the release of Tri-Add 1.0.1, an all-new iPhone puzzle game. We all know the basics of colors. The primaries are red, yellow, and blue. We can mix these together to get secondary colors such as orange, which is made up of red and yellow. But how much do we know about additive colors? This type of coloring is made up of light. Start with black and add color.

The primaries in this case are red, green, and blue. Notice yellow is not a primary color. It’s actually secondary and is produced by adding red and green light. Think of a pixel on an LCD screen. Pixels are made up of separate lights containing red, green, and blue. When you see white on a screen, all three of the colors are fully illuminated. Interesting; isn’t it?

In this all new iPhone puzzle game, you are given three colors and a goal color. Your job is to figure out which two colors add together to make the goal color. Remember, this is additive color. The more light you add, the brighter the color gets. For example, if you add a deep blue to a bright yellow, the result is an even lighter shade of yellow. Conversely, adding black to a color has no effect at all. Black has a value of zero, so you are adding nothing and the color stays the same.

Climb your way up the leaderboard and complete achievements. Beat your friends’ high scores as you move through the increasingly difficult levels.

Tri-Add 1.0.1 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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