Sports Replay is an All-in-One Video Analyzer and Coaching Solution

Parents, coaches and athletes of all ages and skill levels – from kids just starting out to experienced performers – who want to dramatically improve their results and diminish their chances of being injured can now head to the App Store, and download the amazing new app Sports Replay from SellanApp.

Designed to work anytime and anywhere in the field, arena or court, Sports Replay is remarkably easy to use all-in-one video analyzer, reviewing tool and coaching solution. The app is ideal for competitive sports such as basketball, football, tennis, swimming, gymnastics, track & field, soccer, baseball, rugby, volleyball, hockey, golf, cycling and more. Plus, it’s just as useful for all other highly technical activities such as dance, aerobics, gym activities, cross fit, weight lifting, fitness, yoga, Pilates and many more.

In addition to an intuitive interface that allows users to review and analyze their videos within minutes of downloading the app, Sports Replay empowers users to:

* Import videos from the device’s camera roll
* Record videos directly from the app
* Slow down video speed for detailed frame-by-frame analysis (1/2, 1/4 or 1/8)
* Customize video resolution (from 320 x 180 to HD 1280 x 720)
* Highlight key video areas via advanced drawing tools
* Pause the frame, darken the screen and highlight a certain player
* Add an audio track on top of the video to provide insightful narration
* Customize the app’s theme and screen

Plus, users can save their videos on their device’s camera roll, and easily share them with coaches, team mates, parents, friends and anyone else they wish via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, DropBox or email.

“Sports Reply is extremely easy to use and gives anyone the power of having an entire video technical team on their mobile device,” commented a spokesperson from SellanApp. “And while it can certainly be used during competitive events, it’s even more valuable for use while practicing in order to help improve performance, lower the risk of injury, and help anyone get more enjoyment and satisfaction out of the sport or activity that they love!”

SportsReplay 1.0.0, the amazing new all-in-one video analyzer, reviewing tool and coaching solution that can be used anytime and anywhere, is offered at no cost, and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category. The app was crowdfunded by several enthusiastic backers on SellanApp.

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