New Educational App – Little Detective K

The developer of innovative and interactive apps, Publ Studio Inc. joins hands with the leading children’s contents publisher, JS Books to create an excellent educational app for the young child in the age group of 5 and 12 years. The interactive app, named Little Detective K, will help develop reasoning ability and intelligence among kids through an engrossing and exciting storyline. The app features a wide variety of problem-solving games that help improve memory and concentration skills among kids.

The app features a storyline with a school setup in its backdrop that will keep children engaged. Many believe that it will inspire problem-solving amidst fun and joy, and kids will develop better concentration and reasoning skills. In this interesting storyline, three friends form a detective group to unravel some mysteries happening in their school and which little kids will find very entertaining and exciting. A series of short animations helps maintaining a visual appeal, allowing children to enjoy the game and become more cautious, vigilant and intelligent as well.

* Finding clues in order: To help improve cautiousness and concentration
* Narrow down culprits: To help improve reasoning
* Heartbeat recognition: To help improve memory and concentration
* Pathfinding: To help improve spatial perception skills
* Fingerprint matching: To help improve attention skills and concentration
*Box puzzle: To help improve spatial perception skills

The developers of the app are increasingly confident about its success and popularity, especially among children. An engaging content with attractive animations will help the app to meet its educational purpose.

Little DetectivesK 1.5.1 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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